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Hidden gems presentation




SelfWealth Limited (SWF) is an Australian owned and operated company which offers a solution to empower investors to make informed decisions without paying exorbitant brokerage fees. SelfWealth is Australias first peer-to-peer investing solution, providing a financial community and access to follow top investors to help members outperform. SelfWealth provides a flat fee brokerage service to its clients. It also provides easy access to investment tools, research and stock news.


Selfwealth Trading:SelfWealth Trading allows clients to trade the ASX for a flat fee of $9.50 per trade, regardless of trade size. SelfWealth Trading is free to join, and gives you access to leading insights from Thomson Reuters as well as portfolio analysis tools so you can make informed decisions on every trade.


Selfwealth Premium: SelfWealth Premium provides members with a range of performance enhancements alerts and emails, including: Access the power of the community - 30,000+ portfolios, Target portfolio - peer to peer portfolio construction, Track top performing members, member profiles receive alerts as they trade, Top stock of the day, most traded stock, community sentiment on stocks in your portfolio, Mobile phone app notifications create reliance on SelfWealth Premium with portfolio movements and other member/index activity. It is available at A$20 per month (free access provided for the first 90 days).

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Those that use it love it. And Covid times has been good for business

Outstanding growth numbers for FY20 that reflect our successful year.

• Active traders have increased 235% from 13,856 to 46,445

• Annual trade numbers are up over 299% from 164,999 to 659,131

• Revenue increased significantly in line with the large increases in clients and trading volumes to finish 188% up from $2.81m to $8.08m

• Operating cashflow saw a reduction in cash burn from $3.2m to $147,000.


The growth exhibited by your Company has resulted in SelfWealth's first-ever quarterly positive cash flow from operating activities during the fourth quarter of FY20. We are confident of further growth in FY21. A healthy balance sheet, no debt and a positive cashflow leave the Company in an excellent position to execute its growth strategy in a dynamic marketplace that is changing actively

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I am not trader and I wish I understood charting better. I am in this as a long term investor.



HY21 Results. Copied from another site.



Revenue up 278.5% (2.2m to 8.4m)

Gross profit up 310%

GP Margin up 2.87% from 34.84% to 37.7%

Operating Loss down 70% from -1.45m to -0.44m

Operating (Approx EBITDA) margin from -65.1% to -5.2%

SelfWealth growing at a blistering and accelerating rate but they are scaling well with improving margins and profitability imminent most likely this quarter.



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As of 07 December 2020, the existing 65,000+ active clients of SelfWealth will be able to submit a request to have the US trading feature to be added to each of their approved Australian equity portfolios.


Any new clients that join SelfWealth from 14th December 2020 will be able to easily add on the feature during the initial sign up process.


As with the Australian equities portfolio, there are no fees associated with adding US trading.


US trading features a USD Cash Account, competitive FX rates when transferring money between the AUD and USD Cash Accounts, low-cost and flat-fee brokerage of USD 9.50 per trade and the choice of over 7,500 US securities across all major US exchanges. The functionality seamlessly integrates with the existing ASX-trading platform.


The new native mobile applications for iOS and Android will be released later in December to allow for an undisturbed deployment of all US trading-related features.


US trading is supported through a long-term partnership agreement with PhillipCapital, a global financial institution with over 1 million clients worldwide, and assets under management amounting to more than USD 35 billion.


The Company expects a high-level of uptake from existing clients and an increase in acquisition rates due to the complete offering now provided.


Managing Director, Mr Rob Edgley, had this to say on the much-anticipated release, "

For years, SelfWealth has been growing strongly off the back of disillusioned investors that have been overpaying to invest. Now, they can invest in the US and the ASX in one convenient place at a reasonable price.

There is now no need for multiple trading accounts and apps to access some of the most popular stock markets, and SelfWealth members will have a US Cash Account to help them avoid foreign exchange fees on every trade.


Our hard-working team will now turn their efforts towards providing additional functionality and new products across the trading platform.


We're looking forward to announcing these additions in the new year.

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19 February 2020: SelfWealth Ltd (ASX: SWF) is pleased to update the market on the most substantial period of customer growth in the Company's history.

The Company has seen its strongest ever months of new client registrations. These registrations have flowed through into record numbers of new active traders, as well as record numbers of trades across both the domestic and US markets.


The growth in new client registrations from the beginning of 2021 has eclipsed the previous peak growth levels seen in March and April of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Currently, 23% of all active traders have added US trading functionality to their existing ASX portfolios, and US trades are already approaching 10% of total daily trade numbers.

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