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My 1st post but I also use HC frequently and in particular on BIG,FX and SFL among many others.

I've been trading professionally for over 30 years and now retired.


SFL shares are way undervalued at 11 cents when you consider they have $9 mln cash, yield 10% and Keith Cullen at the AGM was particularly upbeat on next year.

The external factors of Government policy on Super and Negative gearing affected revenue but are now firmly behind us and yet the reoccurring revenue beat their own estimates significantly.


So why the sell off from 50 cents?


Liquidity in this stock isn't exactly great as it's tightly held so any large order can move it significantly, as seen on the 7/11 one sell order for $700 worth moved it 21%!

It very much appears that there have been 1 or two holders who have been "long and wrong" and are in capitulation mode.

It's also very much under the radar as even on Hot Copper, before I started posting it hadn't been discussed for 9 months.


Just need patience on SFL.

As Wazza Buffet said "Dine out on people's fear and feed their greed"


P.S Baring in mind this SFL's platform I don't understand why nobody is discussing this Company?





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Appears to be a very illiquid stock - 83% held by Top 20. No wonder HC-ites don't discuss - they prefer the penny dreadfuls who are looking for the next big thing, with billions of shares on offer they can day trade in/out quickly. With this stock, by looks of it, you need to have a long term view. Good luck.


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Just bought more and it's now my 3rd biggest holding.

So we get paid upfront $1.4 mln with more to follow based on performance.

This is the 3rd positive expansionary statement this week.


It feels like when I was buying shares in BIG at 16 cents as I saw the potential but hardly anybody else did obviously I'm not saying they will rally 2,000% but I can

see them easily tripling.

Just need patience.

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when it first set up, in 2015

Spring FG Limited is a diversified financial services company with products and services encompassing financial planning and investment advice; wealth creation and wealth management solutions; insurance and superannuation; finance; and tax & accounting. Its advice and product offerings are broad and include a specialisation in the high growth markets of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs); and direct and SMSF residential real estate investment.

On 19 November 2019, Spring FG Limited (SFL) changed its name and ASX code to WT Financial Group Limited (WTL).



Market Cap $11 million... Just turned Earnings positive again, last year after a couple of shakeout years.


.... and I see WT Financial Group (WTL) is having a webinar this Friday ... in Hidden Gems

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and something close to here

In furtherance of this strategy the Company has sold its remaining 50% stake in B2C-focussed digital publisher Sharecafé Pty Ltd (formerly Spring FG Digital Pty Ltd) to it JV partner Informed Investor Pty Ltd for $225,000. The sale price is equal to the Company’s carrying value of the investment. The Company will continue to provide certain support services to Sharecafé on a commercial arms-length basis and will further retain advertising rights on the Sharecafé website for a term of at least 18 months


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