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In reply to: Ice9 on Friday 15/12/06 10:14am

The last trade for today was 100,000 @ .695.

Someone had a heap to sell at .69 and .695. i wonder if they are finished yet.


I am happy to see it consolidate before the next run. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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Hi Ooops


GBG still going strong. Definitely wouldn't mind if they kept creeping up 1-2c everyday.

Some big buys gone in during the past 2 weeks. Taken out all the sellers who were at 65c, then a larger group of sellers at 70c. Doesn't look like anymore strong resistance and should break april/may's high of 76c with ease. Hoping it'll charge to $1 ahead of their feasilibity study. Great management team that is also expanding, can't go wrong!


Merry xmas to all!

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In reply to: alyf on Friday 22/12/06 08:01pm

with an inground resource of $20b iron ore a final sp in production should be min $5-$10+

iron ore prices up today 9.5%-gbg has best quality iron ore resource in australia-magnificent depths widths and grades+strong chinese partner+potential merger/takeover proposition=runaway money train

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