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looking to get the money in door

• Senior debt funding ... KfW IPEX-Bank

• German state owned bank

• Total debt of US$ 190 million

• US$ 170 million export credit finance

• 50% of plant ... German suppliers

• Low interest, long tenure

• 18 months of due diligence


• Secondary Funding .... Listed green bond progressing well

• Target raising of US$144 million

• US$100 million as project debt

• Balance as prepaid coupon interest

• Bonds to be listed in Frankfurt

• Five year term


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  • Patent protection for Silumina AnodesTM battery materials technology in place 
  • Australian provisional patent application originally filed on 13 May 2021
  • Broaden filings to extend reach and protection 
  • National Patent filings in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and Korea
  • International Patent filing covering up to 156 countries

The patent applications protect the Altech process for covering anode materials such as silicon and graphite with nano layer alumina coatings.  The coatings serve as an artificial solid electrolyte interface (SEI), and can reduce lithium loss during each battery charge and discharge cycle, and also retards degradation of battery capacity throughout battery life.

this recent development has not done much... probably just one of many developments in the space. ATC below 5c and at a low for the year.

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