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In reply to: singas on Tuesday 20/09/05 09:29am

Wesfarmers have a track record of paying their price in their deals. I would like to see this attitude continue. Am I right in stating that the MacBank led consortium are planning to split up and sell Dyno Nobel? Might be an opportunity there...



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In reply to: jazzmoo on Thursday 30/03/06 10:35am



WES are probably being hammered after a Merrill Lynch downgrade to hold and perhaps market perception they are boring especially relative to booming resource sector. Could also be perception that Goyder won't have the golden touch like Chaney. The reality is in a booming market with high asset prices deals are probably harder to find that meet their strict return on capital requirements. This is evidenced by large capital expenditure on existing businesses but no new deals. Bottom line is it is this discipline that has made them such a great investment over the long term. Current management show no signs of changing there strategy, so provided they can continue to execute (need improved execution in coal and industrial) expect WES to outperform market in long term.

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In reply to: Idyll128 on Thursday 30/03/06 12:39pm

Yes, agree with everything you said, but is any of that actually news to the market? It's just seems to have come on all of a sudden. The trades look a bit odd too. Someone seems to be driving it down.

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In reply to: Idyll128 on Friday 15/12/06 02:09pm

ah, is that where the fire is!! having seen the market smoke.


Private equity and WES are something of a match: thanks for the direction pointer.


However, I don't want anyone to buy my WES. quite happy with the dividends and unrealised capital gain (bought sub $7 years ago)



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In reply to: nipper on Friday 15/12/06 02:42pm

Yes the capital gain liability is a problem for long term holders. One of my parcels of WES has a cost base of 4 cents after accounting for the numerous capital returns.


Still a private equity buyout at $45 to $50 would ease the pain somewhat.

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