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another hopeful looking to be the Next Big thing in Vanadium


Technology Metals Australia Limited (TMT) is an exploration company focused on identifying exploration projects in Australia and overseas with the aim of discovering mineral deposits. The Company's primary exploration focus is on the Gabanintha Vanadium Project.



There is a DFS out

.... mine life of 16 years based on Northern Block Ore Reserve of 29.6Mt at 0.88% V2O5.

.. Southern Tenement resource update delivers maiden Indicated Resource of 9.6Mt @ 1.0% V2O5.

.. Project Measured and Indicated Resource increase of 32% provides clear scope to extend mine life.


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and another update on the Flow Batteries side of potential energy storage solutions. This piece is mainly looking at the Vanadium supply side, and emphasises TNG in the research. When the list of major suppliers is China, Russia, South Africa .... then it is sometimes hard to see how a local player can get up.

And just as an aside, a local player in the end product, Redflow RFX, while making similar noises about downstream potential and growing markets, is not getting there. While flow batteries make sense, Lithium ion ones are cheaper initially and are seen as the default solution. RFX uses a Zinc Bromide  catalyst, not V2O5, by the way


Locals explorers and potential producers:

NMT : Neometals Ltd. 
Market Cap $603.2m; Net cash $95m
TNG : TNG Limited
Market Cap $119.4m ';; Net cash  $18.9m
AVL : Australian Vanadium Limited
Market Cap $73.2m ; Net cash $3.4m
VR8 : Vanadium Resources Ltd
Market Cap $36M ; net cash $1.8m




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