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QUOTE (Ooops @ Monday 01/08/05 04:36pm)

No probs Ooops http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif the break from flag last week with todays follow on suggests a projected target of 34c.



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This is my post copied from the realestate.com.au thread, some relavence to WEB maybe:


Well News corp are finally doing what I thought they would when I bought at 47c a year or two ago and are taking over realestate.com.au . A shame really as the business model and growth would probably continue to grow in a period of real estate downturn IMHO. I will take the $2 - I don't see being a minority holder as being an feasible alternative. Anyone thinking of holding?


Also are there any other internet business that are actually working that might be taken over like REA, RSVP.com.au etc??? I hold WEB (webjet.com.au) for this reason and have done well so not looking for more exposure there. Thoughts anyone???



Cheers all


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Looks good, you guys think WEB and TVL could do a REA in the near future?



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In reply to: sabretoothed on Tuesday 09/08/05 07:59am

I have been thinking along these lines. Harvey World Travel is a major shareholder so it makes sense for them to look closer. Unless someone else comes along.

These are my thought only FWIW

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QUOTE (Ooops @ Tuesday 09/08/05 08:24am)

WEB $72million market cap


TVL $13million market cap


If TVL can achieve the same rating as WEB with it share issue


72/13 times by .0185c = $1.02 price for TVL


Is there a t/o coming for WEB, since its cap is getting so large?


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+11% on profit results, nice move...



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