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WEB is going off !!! Finally ! Thanks



WEB 0.075 0.081 0.075 +0.023 0.053 0.075 0.053 4,079,182




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NO SELLERS CRAZY !!! almost 100% !


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Well, it had its day, and luckily some of us in my share-trading biweekly meet-up had projected a rise a week before it ran. (sadly, I didn't act on that projection.) It will be interesting to see where it settles - I'm thinking 5.8c. If it bounces off this, it will preserve a burgeoning uptrend and provides a good buying opportunity for a mid-to-long term trade.


I've seen many people get burnt on this stock though, the volume is never very encouraging, and I don't really like them as a travel service provider - have looked to book holiday flights through them a few times, once when I was a holder, only to find they were over-priced and limited in what they could offer me.

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Yes HWT alliance was ages ago.


Starting to move again..



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In reply to: sabretoothed on Friday 05/11/04 02:31pm

This one has crept up nicely during the week - someone is obviously accumulating these but for what reason ??? HWT or someone else????? remember someone bought these @ 10 and 11cents a little while back ... i dare say they would have thought it would have made it into the teens back then...interesting time ahead I feel.

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