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and the latest neologism




With the world's largest expatiate British population living [in Australia] and an ever-tightening Brexit contest, postal votes from Australia could help rewrite the history of Europe. The British high commission estimates 1.2 million Brits live here. That number dwarfs those living in popular British retirement spot Spain.


To have a voice in tonight's non-compulsory Leave-Remain referendum, voters must have been on the electoral role in Britain at some stage over the past 15 years and have registered to vote over the past 12 months.

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Hard to call an outcome for this one - 1.25pm on Friday (local time)


Local and Asian bourses are see-sawing all over the place, with a bias to the downside, as poll results feed in


One prediction that has come true is the Volatility


(still think for Aust, with this 3% drop AND tax-loss selling, there may be a few nuggets to pick up)

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