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The new third generation Gen3 battery has commenced production in Thailand this week and is now ready for commercial sale. Initial orders for the Redflow Gen3 batteries have already been received with delivery targeted for August 2022.

.... Up 20% but from recent lows and still under 5c a share. Young Mick, or mullokintyre, has stated on another forum he is going to buy one to integrate with a new solar system. 

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and maybe some traction.... helping the SP to regain 5c today

RFX has been contracted to supply 56 Gen3 zinc bromine flow batteries to the reconstruction of Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, as part of its new hybrid renewable energy system.

With no permanent grid power supply, a substantial energy requirement, and a deep commitment to sustainability, the soon to be rebuilt Southern Ocean Lodge will be fully powered by a Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) comprising a ground mounted solar PV array, Battery Energy Storage System underpinned by Redflow batteries and battery management system, diesel generators and an energy management system.

Redflow will supply 56 Gen3 batteries together with the battery management systems and monitoring capability to fulfill the site requirement of 560 kWh of BESS. Redflow ZBMs have a 100% depth of discharge capability and use zinc bromine electrolyte that is intrinsically fire retardant. This makes them the ideal energy storage devices for this remote, ecologically sensitive site that is surrounded by native bushland.

.... seeing the lodge burned down recently, this would be a TICK from the insurers. Also interesting, the need for diesel backup, but no wind power, as it is scenic, natural, wild, remote and a visual affront?

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still trundling along. Are we there yet?

RFX quarterly out.
Increase in sales both for quarter and year, but its not exactly huge numbers.
The sales are still not covering production costs, but getting closer.
The Gen 3 battery has already seen some big orders come in , so hopefully it will start to see some scaling up of the numbers.
If they cannot get a leg up on sales this year, may have top go the market again, as they have about a year's worth of cash to keep them going at the current rate.

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Key highlights:
• Successful $5 million Placement to support growth @ $0.043 per share
• Introduces well known tier one Australian based institutional investors to the register, demonstrating strong endorsement for Redflow technology and growth opportunities
• Simon Hackett, the largest investor, is also participating in the Placement
 Share Purchase Plan to raise up to $5 million to be offered to eligible shareholders on the same terms as the Placement

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