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After recent trading above 15c, 10c feels like throwing good money after bad.

The first batch has already been issued to big instos. It will lead to a sizeable dilution.

I sold my entire holding into the Open @14c.

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Is the worst over? (chartists might even say so)


Redflow getting some orders: SAf telco second order, Optus in Daintree, Melbourne childcare centres

Whilst lithium-ion dominates the storage market, flow batteries are increasingly recognised as having a specific role in the energy storage eco-system.


There is a clear market demand for batteries that can tolerate heat and hard work in applications where the shortcomings of lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries are clear.

three key markets:


1. Telecommunications: Providing a viable alternative to traditional lead-acid and lithium ion solutions for mobile phone towers


2. Commercial and Industrial: Providing reliable, energy solutions for weak-grid or off-grid applications that have a long despatch requirement such as solar-shifting, and


3. Residential: We are focused on providing a proudly Australian-designed battery to residential customers who want to take advantage of the unique benefits of our flow batteries.


Geographically, we are targeting Australasia, the Asia-Pacific region and selected markets in southern Africa and the Middle East



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