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I find the US federal system, its legal structures, its political systems, and to some degree its social structures a fscinating subject.

I cam across this little gem while reading late last night

FromLaw and Crime


In strict theory, the U.S. Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to settle Pennsylvania constitutional issues, such as whether the state statute at question (Act 77) violates the state constitution.


It sort of shows why there are so many different frameworks in each state.

Imagine if the Supreme court or High court were unable to intervene in state based constitutional amendments here in OZ.

I used to think that our States are the biggest problem in OZ, but it can get even more Bizarre in the US.


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Just as a bit of lightweight primer, I just reread Bill Bryson's USA. The formation of the independent states in the C17th and 18th, and then inclusion of the territories after Independence is fascinating. And labyrinthine, convoluted, run but sectarian interests. It would be fair to think that the model has passed its use-by date.
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Angry at his fellow Republicans in Congress, Trump sought to refashion two complex pieces of legislation that passed Congress by wide, bipartisan margins after months of negotiation.


Trump followed through on a threat to veto the defense bill and demanded dramatic changes to a $2.3 trillion package that funds the federal government and provides nearly $900 billion in coronavirus aid.


If Trump blocks the spending package, large parts of the U.S. government will start to shut down next week for lack of funds at a time when officials are distributing two coronavirus vaccines and working to respond to a massive hacking attack.




typical ---"my way or high way" type!

what about American security, and basic livelihood ??? compare his own interest, all can through out of windows!! :weirdsmiley:



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Biggest lender to the Trump businesses; Deutsche Bank, as well as Signature Bank (never heard of em)

more than $US300 million in debt is coming due in the next few years that the President has personally guaranteed...
... Deutsche bank has concluded that, short of forgiving the debt, it has no way to extricate itself from the Trump relationship before the loans come due. Another longtime financial partner of the Trumps, Signature Bank, also is cutting ties. The bank, which helped Trump finance his Florida golf course and where Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter, was once a board member, issued a statement calling on Trump to resign as president "in the best interests of our nation and the American people".


Before becoming president, Donald Trump had cycled through many lines of business, including casinos, an airline and reality television. Some ventures were wildly successful, while others were colossal failures.Over the last two decades Trump has assembled an international collection of golf courses and resorts that now collectively represent about a third of the company's revenue, according to the most recent financial disclosure report. On Sunday the PGA of America announced it would strip Trump's New Jersey golf club of a major tournament, the PGA Championship.


Aw gee shucks

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Just one week to go. Plus a day if you include time difference. Impeachment is never going to happen. Nor Article 25. Both of those are just political theatre. But does Trump have another card to play before its all over?

I'm betting he cancels the inauguration because of the security risk. At the very least he will have some kind of come back on Facebook and Twitter. And then why should it stop with just media?


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