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Not sure what side of the fence you are sitting on with that comment.. but it reads a bit ZOMG, and fake news.


The data can be manipulated as it is for political purposes especially in the USA...


but even during Swine flu - we never saw ICU's almost filled with Swine flu patients, and we dont with Influenza viruses during the flu season.


We do when COVID runs rampant


France, Mid West USA states, Liverpool are all ICU beds > 90% occupied by Coronavirus -


At the start of the Melbourne outbreak, 40% of standard (not overflow) ICU beds were Coronavirus.









There are many reasons why COVID infection is different to Influenza... if for no other reasons its infectivity and continuity beyond a "flu" season


Yes mortality is falling but testing is dramatically increased so you would expect that, and to date ICUs have not been totally flooded... That will happen over the next few weeks. Look at the mortality in NY at the start of this outbreak..embarrassing for a state that provides itself on world leading health care.






The flu killed an estimated 22,000 people in the US during the last flu season, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the "exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary," the CDC says, most cases happen between October and May.


If 22,000 people died between October 1 and May 31, that would be an average of about 91 flu deaths a day over the span of eight months.


And in just eight months, Covid-19 has killed more people than the flu did during the last five flu seasons combined.


As for Trump's claim that the flu kills "sometimes over 100,000" people a year, CDC data from 1976 to 2007 and from 2010 until now show that's not even close.

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Of the 15 most Covid infected states ?


In fact of the 17 most infected states 15 voted for Trump ...


Of the lowest per capita infections ..... 13 of the 15 LOWEST voted for Biden.


It takes all kinds of stupid and years of practice to ignore this.'


Explaining it, factual events ... with years of dumb behind them will not work.


Having it displayed in writing again and again, whilst amusing, is sad.

Oh and facts .... come from




Stupid is, as stupid does.


Americans are that stupid that they cant even look to Canada which is close to 10% of the USA in size and wonder why their rates are 30% of the USA on both infections and deaths. Canada globally has NOT done a good job .... USA is sadly worse. Thats without the current 2 million added in 16 days .... so add another 50,000 to the grim USA stupidity and death toll.


Sigh ...

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Stupid is, as stupid does.


Americans are that stupid that they cant even look to Canada which is close to 10% of the USA in size and wonder why their rates are 30% of the USA on both infections and deaths. Canada globally has NOT done a good job .... USA is sadly worse. Thats without the current 2 million added in 16 days .... so add another 50,000 to the grim USA stupidity and death toll.


Thats about as arrogant and ignorant as Hilary Clinton's "deplorables " speech.


You have no more idea of why nearly half the US voted for Trump than the democrats and the MSM.


we know you hate Trump.


Everything you post reinforces it.


But guess what , your opinion does not count.


You don't get to Vote in the mess they call an election, you don't live in the country, you have no idea about the lives of these people, you know nothing about their aspirations, should they even have any.


You also don't seem to understand basic concepts of disease control.


Why do health authorities insist on social distancing?

You don't get covid in isolation.

Where are the most prevalent cases?

In higher density situations, like inner cities.

Its no great surprise that the Canada has a much lower rate, its a whacking big country with a lot of sparely populated areas.

The states that voted for Trump are largely rural where the close personal contacts are greatly reduced.

Have a look at OZ. Where are the cases? Virtually all in the densley popluated cities.

the recent elections in Queensland show that the majority of people in the densley populated areas of the South East voted Labour again.

And guess where the vast majority of Queenslands cases occured? In the densely populated areas of Sth East queensland.

Does that make all those Labor voters stupid?



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Stop defending your hero ...



Accept it for what it is. You and Plastic are well suited.


Plastic seems in denial and gets pleasure .... how about you ?? 1 million USA cases in 7 days 25,000 dead .. if that doesn't upset you ...


Seemingly not. Sad not arrogant ...

Sad stupid and sickening is what it is. Yet another display of fact denial.


Gravity does not work in your universe it seems.PS this thread is about USA ... Trump ... comparing USA to Australian actions of outcomes makes ones case look flaccid and actually idiotic.



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Your condescension is just obnoxious.


Many good people disagree on American politics. But as someone who is actually here on the ground in the US, I can say that your bias has no basis in fact.


Over the last few weeks I have worked as a poll watcher and a ballot count observer for the US elections. I have also worked with the Trump campaign. I can tell you first hand that the ballot count numbers are no more accurate than the covid count numbers.They are both a work of fiction.


Ballots cast vs legal ballots cast is on par with died with covid vs. died from covid. The difference between the real vs. fake propaganda numbers is striking.


And the media runs with the propaganda every time.


I have witnesses first hand election fraud on a massive scale. It is not a joke. It seems likely that Congress will end up choosing the President on Jan 6th if a reliable vote count cannot be determined. It is a very strange time indeed, but make no mistake; it is the democrat party who are the crooks.


Just a few examples for you:

I took a report from one woman who was in hospital on Election Day and did not vote. Someone impersonated her and voted.

Another mother was outraged to find that someone had impersonated her severely disabled son and voted in his place.

My friends grandmother has been dead for 15 years. Somehow she cast a vote.


I could go on and on. And don't even get me started on the electronic fraud...


I also have first hand experience with covid. For most, like 99.6% of people, it is a highly treatable illness. My own doctor has treated literally thousands of patients without a single hospitalization or death. Not a single one. My family and my friends have all made a complete recovery. We have several viable treatment options which work extremely well for all but the very old or the very infirm. But that risk category is more likely to succumb to just about anything. Now that we understand covid better, it is no more difficult to treat than the flu or pneumonia. And much easier to treat than a whole host of other deadly diseases. Australias response of "stick your head in the sand, lock down the borders, the hell with the economy and vaccinate everything that moves" is as unnecessary as it is downright silly.

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And straight in with the straw man argument.

I never defended Trump. He's big enough to do that for himself should he think he needs to do so.

I defended the right of people to vote for him, and criticised your arrogant generalisation about them.

Secondly, you were the one who brought the comparisons in when you compared Canada to the USA

So I guess by your own words you are flaccid and idiotic.

At no stage did I suggest that any deaths did not concern me.

I pointed out the lack of logic in your statements.

And that trend for you continues.



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Ditto ...

calling out stupidity is condescending ?


Boo hoo ....


compose an in depth PM and send it.


USA has 11 million cases. When deaths catch up with current cases 300,000 dead.


You think its treatable ?

Gosh ....


They are DEAD ....


If Australia had 1 million cases and 30,000 dead I would be just as critical and call out fools.

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