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In reply to: LIVERPOOL on Tuesday 12/08/08 03:14pm

Your right Liverpool... Im comfortable with this one at these levels.. We will be at two dollars in no time.. With the market changing the way it has I think the sentiment might once again swing out side the square.Its Bio time once again..

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Well, not much point going to the egm today, was like a labor caucus meeting, numbers already racked, packed and stacked. And so the they should be, no need to look less effective.


I don't think Aussie shareholders feature large in the AAH cunning plan, and

i don't blame the management for that. At least they now have a large shareholder who is supportive and patient

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In reply to: LIVERPOOL on Tuesday 19/08/08 03:01pm

Hi Liverpool..


I dont watch much day to day...(Unlike the old days)


But myself and many others are still around although myself with diluted holdings ..


This market shake up might just be the thing that the Bio sector needs to get back in favour..


Cheers and good luck




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Mentioned AAH a while ago with a double bottom in play and it was nibbling with a break above the DB peak,..well that faded out and AAH has been maturing its basing pattern.

The four weekly indicators I use on basing stocks have given a few buy signals, with any confirmation by break of resistance(the fifth indicator)


The buyer 50k and 100k at $1.10 is content to sit there and not much interest apart from him it would seem? Picked up a few again recently in anticipation of a clean break above $1.15 ish resistance,...I hope??




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In reply to: BSA on Friday 22/08/08 05:38pm

Nice to see AAH popping its head up above the 200D MA, BSA - that puts it in select company ATM!


A much maligned company in the past (and deservedly so IMO), but which has reinvented itself.



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