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QUOTE (Bryce @ Thursday 24/07/08 12:31pm)

Take over talk,

We have been down this path so many times and for every different possible reason. The trouble is the Maginot Line of comfortable excutive largesse.


It would be extremely improbable that any biotech does anything unless it was like AMRAD (and the major shareholder does it behind their backs), and in that case Thorney owned 65% from memory.


So put the T/O idea in the shredder, cause it ain't gonna happen. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif

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In reply to: theadder on Monday 21/07/08 11:56am

Maybe here, but I'm not the only shareholder annoyed with this lot. At the presentations in Brisbane there were plenty who had something to say during and after.


I certainly don't want to run down the share price, quite the opposite I want the executive to take note of shareholders.


The science at PTD/AAH whatever has been fine, but they have been performing despite management not because of it. I resent people getting money from a company I part own when they demonstrate repeated complete incompetence and contempt for the owners of the company, us.


Your just a handful of many shareholders in this company. I thought if I gave you a bit of a prod you might actually do something but since you obviously won't no point continuing. I'm only typing this now because it seems I haven't made myself clear. I don't bear any of you malice, I don't know you and really don't care enough. I do find overpaid incompetent management annoying and I will continue to agitate AAH executive at every opportunity. That's my right as a shareholder. If you don't care to so be it, hope that works out for you.


If there is anyone reading this who isn't part of the "consensus", as I said in the first place I'm rejecting the boards recommendations both on the share scheme and on pretty much anything they put to us in future until they start acting in our interests. Join that action or not, as you please.

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QUOTE (guzzi @ Thursday 24/07/08 02:28pm)

No offence taken here mate.

I too wish management would spend less time trying to work out a way past grumpy shareholders with a plump executive bonus scheme, instead of coming up with a corporate transaction that the shareholders say is a "f##%king ripper deal!"


IE:Less time with consultants, and more time pouring over strategy


I was told once by a BIO analyst that when you first look at biotechs, you "initially are seduced by the science, but eventually you realise that it is the management that makes the difference"


The ony reason that CSL has had such a great run over the past 5 years is they used their monopoly position in Australia to remove their exposure to a global over supply of blood products. If they had been forced to supply at Global prices, their postion now would be entirely different. Off the subject a bit and I apologise, but it does show that, a clever bit of corporate thinking can cover the unexpected bumps that can occur in an otherwise well thought out plan.

Let alone a half baked one: calling Evogenex T/O a merger is like a quote from "The Hollowmen"on ABC. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif

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In reply to: rene in geneva on Thursday 24/07/08 02:50pm

AAH up half a % all banks down 5-11% market down 2.5%. AAH cash in bank and that is what it's saving it from the SP being 50c!!!


AAH just need one drug to go through and people will not be talking about management and so forth!


Also, you & guzzi talk about management, how about the domantis deal which ptd got all that cash and a few drugs, isn't that helping AAH at times like these and also funding their projects?


Give them a pat on the back for a change!

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In reply to: LIVERPOOL on Friday 25/07/08 10:19am

Fair enough L,

but the remuneration for all the execs jobs would have thrashed out before they started, so it seems very opportunistic on their behalf to choose a bombed out price as the point from which to choose "performance". In fact I think they already know that the performance hurdles will be met within the time frame specified, so I will be waiting with my my cynical optics on.

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V-like Domain Binding Molecules




Priority Date: 06/03/1998

Licensed to EvoGenix Ltd


a patent from the USPTO today:




United States Patent 7,405,288

Galanis , et al.

July 29, 2008


V-like domain binding molecules and polynucleotides encoding therefor



The present invention relates to binding moieties comprising at least one monomeric V-like domain (VLD) derived from a non-antibody ligand, the at least one monomeric V-like domain being characterised in that at least one CDR loop structure or part thereof is modified or replaced such that the solubility of the modified VLD is improved when compared with the unmodified VLD.




Inventors: Galanis; Maria (Waverley, AU), Hudson; Peter John (Blackburn, AU), Irving; Robert Alexander (Mulgrave, AU), Nuttall; Stewart Douglas (Ivanhoe, AU)

Assignee: Diatech Pty. Ltd. (Queensland, AU)


Appl. No.: 11/588,966

Filed: October 27, 2006


Related U.S. Patent Documents


Application Number

09623611 7166697


PCT/AU99/00136 Mar., 1999






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Starbucks Cuts 2/3 of Aussie Stores




Starbucks Coffee International STARBUCKS CORPSBUX


[sBUX 14.23 -0.19 (-1.32%) ] , a wholly owned subsidiary of Seattle, Washington-based Starbucks Coffee, said it was closing the Australia stores to concentrate its business in the country's three largest cities.


Who's with the bird??? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif


I wonder what bird2 would have to say about this if he was still around... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif

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