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Gone. Im hiring a bus if anyone would like to climb aboard make a booking its heading towards the biggest cliff for a final drive can someone suggest which cliff is the biggest drop.

I can only take 50 so get in quick.Please bring your own booze cause I cant afford any.

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In reply to: karlos on Tuesday 22/01/08 03:21pm

Doesnt AAH have about $1.12 in Net Cash?? They should just wind the company up at this rate and return all the cash to holders... Spin the research division and exisiting products off and give us some more money...

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In reply to: Jay on Wednesday 23/01/08 08:17am

jay thats gotta be looking more and more likely. discounting board members penchant for optimism by 20%, a piece by piece fire sale would yield $2-00 per share.


Quite amazing that given the current share market feel that something is trading at a discount to its cashflow.


On another note, the net price for egx is actually pretty low - no -one seems to have mentioned how come there was no massive tax bill following the $180m sale of the domantis biz? taking that into consideration the merger isnt such a bad thing. what cant be reconciled is how a company can trade at sucha massive discount to cash in the current environment.


BTW Bryce, I think you have missed a couple of things in your valuation. Pet is worth didly squat - if it was it would have been sold by now. i'm expecting it to be given away for nix, anything more than a poke in the eye will be a gain. Secondly 615 is also worth essentially nothing whilever 621 is still in the game. You are right for 621 though - fire sale price would yield $100m for aproduct like that entering into PII's. However the people who understand that are either already in, or have their fingures in pies where they think the market will understand it.


Its the old if you cant beat them then join them. The market likes 3 kinds of companies. Simple ones with cashflows they can predict, mining companies with potential (lol just in australia though!), and smaller companies that are run by stockbrokers that spruik it till the ends of the earth - we've all been aware of quite a number of those in this region of the market.

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In reply to: pharmaboy on Wednesday 23/01/08 08:42am

Quite amazing that given the current share market feel that something is trading at a discount to its cashflow.


Thats the reputation they have inherited doing that in my opinion. No institutions will be coming on board until their research shows that they have a reputation of a good investment ( ensuring long term investors get a decent return). This is the new boards challenge , to foster a good reputation. Pretenting everythings ok and waiting for a positive media release will only encourage the day trader. No sustained sp rise in that. With no long term investors coming on board day traders will not want to be caught in this one when it falls so sp will not realise it's full potential. Greed of the Board effectively shooting themselves in the foot and hurting us as well.

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In reply to: dan.heath on Wednesday 23/01/08 10:41am

There are only 2 reasons to buy a stock. Dividend or expected increase in share price.


People bought peptech in 2001/2002 because they thought the company was about to realise marketable products that would yield income and dividends. Well some products arrived some didn't but the real issue is we got shafted on dividends.


The JNJ settlement happened and we got 8c instrad of 20c so people bailed. Then domantis got messed up (anyone remember the board trying to sell it for peanuts ?) and then by accident they made money on it. So where was our payout ?


Ultimately it doesn't matter how much cash the company has or is getting. If shareholders aren't seeing any of it why own the shares ?


We need an organised voting block to antagonise the board and force a distribution, and maybe some action on renumeration.


At the roadshow last year I spoke to a couple of people. I said then I could probably get $3/shr for peptech as it stood. That's dropped with the merger but it's still worth a lot more than $1. I want to see $5 before I ditch my shares, and I want to see the executive getting the sp there in order to earn their fat salaries. As I said then before you pat yourself on the back for the domantis deal take a look at BHP. If peptech has put the same money into BHP shares as it did into domantis they would have mdae MORE profit than they did. And yes I would have to, if I'd bought BHP instead of bloody peptech, but I ain't braggin about how clever I am...and claiming a fat salary.


So if you seriously get something going count me in.

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In reply to: david_j_c on Wednesday 23/01/08 02:52pm

If you can get too the meeting and can give the 14 days notice required to get a resolution voted on . You certainly have my proxies in your pocket. I think we urgently need a resolution about no more m&a deals. sorry if new board finds this insulting, but trust in the last Board has left longterm investors in bad shape, and the reputation of the company in worse shape.

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