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Are you missing him, uniden/pilots? No one left to hassle on Toptrolls?. Works every time - cut of their oxygen and they have no one to play with


BTW, you naughty boy, do you know you appear to have two active accounts here - one in the name of uniden and the other in pilots

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If you recall a while back I posted something that explains what a consortium is, and why it's set up - it's a temporary entity used for a specific purpose.


The common object of such consortium will be to secure the contract and the consortium is formed only for this limited purpose and each party was required to perform its specified portion of the contract separately.


IMHO, I believe that "limited" purpose is coming to an end and a company - Imperium3 Pty Ltd - has been established to take on the next phase


My guess is Imperium3 Pthy Ltd is the holding company


Imperium3 New York Inc (incorporated in the USA) is a subsidiary of the holding company

Imperium3 Australia Pty Ltd (name reservation) will also become a subsidiary of the holding company


Imperium3 Townsville Pty Ltd (name reservation) will become a subsidiary of Imperium3 Australia Pty Ltd - could there be another plant planned in Australia, hence the need for the Imperium3 Australia Pty Ltd


There maybe other Imperium3 companies being, or maybe are already, set up in other countries - such as Oman. Haven't found it yet


Boston Energy and Innovation have applied for a name change - could become Imperium3 Pty Ltd.


So they are ensuring all the names/logo's are trade marked, etc. I think they might have this webpage parked - "Welcome to: imperium3.com This Web page is parked for FREE"


Would love to come to the AGM, but I'm in Vic and also committed elsewhere.


I decided some time ago to never announce what stocks I hold - makes life on a stock forum much easier :)





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Not planning on going back at this stage...

enjoying the fact that when i have a look at whats happening over there...there is nothing :rolleyes:


when the mods actually advise me of what i have done to get a ban, at this stage i dont even know how long ive got, i may consider

getting them to beg for me and fuzzy return :biggrin:

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