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Seems Viceroy Research - activist shorter - may have been responsible with this report on Steinhoff - https://viceroyresearch.files.wordpress.com...le-viceroy2.pdf


Viceroy were responsible for a couple of damaging reports on ASX listed companies. More recently they've been running a campaign against MiMedx - that's been quite ugly


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price-wise, yep NAB is $30.40 whlie WBC closed today at $30.26


Number of shares on issue tell a different story for Market Cap. : $82.37bn vs $102.43bn


But yes, Westpac has had two periods of comparative weakness; in the last year, but not following Half Yearlies, rather than when Quarterlies announced, it has underperformed, ....and down 14.1% vs NAB's 7.85% for 12 months

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In an ideal world some of these banking executives would get jail-time, some of the regulator bosses would be sacked and their agencies be totally reworked and a couple of political bods would suffer career-ending setbacks. For instance I don't know how Scott Morrison in good conscience can remain as Treasurer given how hard and long he fought not to have the royal commission. But we live in an era of no consequences so I'm guessing none of the above will eventuate.


Hopefully at some stage the rc rips right into the massive money laundering industry that has been allowed to develop in Australia but it would be too much to ask for it to also look into how the financial services sector and the regulators have allowed thousands of established Australian residential properties be illegally acquired and owned by foreigners.

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