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An opportunity, longterm, IMO, if one is prepared to be patient. Their assets are pretty much all in depressed metals - nickel, copper, zinc etc which the market doesn't rate at present but which will have their time again - sometime. Meanwhile, balance sheet looks sound.








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Sorry I was away and now back but having trouble reading on my computer as the words are so small and light!!


I understand S32 is being removed from the index because as it is now separated from BHP it no longer qualifies as a Top 20 Coy.


It will be removed after trade on 19/6.






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I usually left click mouse and image should open in another window....your computer may be different

They most likely thought S32s Share price would have been higher and this may have kept it in the ASX 20.

it shows 21 companies in the ASX 20 and we can't have that can we.


Other posters would know more than me on the reason.


if the low of 201 holds there is sure to be a trade here sometime this week

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