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Great outcome for the Matildas, to beat Brazil and go into the quarter finals at the world cup.




and gutsy effort by Jason Day to remain competitive at the US golf open despite suffering from vertigo. Always good to see people being rewarded for putting in the hard yards and showing some resolve.


And a big thankyou to SBS for making the effort to keep delivering major sporting events to our teev (both the women's world cup in Canada and the under 20 mens world cup from NZ). It would appear that the ABC has pretty much given up any attempt to do what it used to do and that is promote sport. It cannot be all about money as I'm sure SBS gets a lot less funds than auntie. And now Foxtel has bought up almost all of the BBC entertainment programs there is bugger all worth watching on the ABC or iview imo.

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Always good to see people being rewarded for putting in the hard yards and showing some resolve.


... and on that note I can only hope that Bernard Tomic gets blitzed to love in the first round of the Australian Open :angry2:




... or maybe even better would be for him to be booted out of the Open. I know you should not judge a book by its cover but just the way the bloke carries himself suggests to me that he is without much character. I could be wrong of course ...


As a follow-up, I happened to watch Tomic play another Australian yesterday (?) and noticed at the end of the game that Tomic was half-hearted in shaking hands with the other player at the end of the game and then only offered the umpire a limp-wrist and a look-away. Again I must be from a different age and a different place but I reckon a hand shake tells you a fair bit (not in all cultures of course, but certainly here).

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After yet another "Golden Point" result between the Broncos and Cowboys, great matches to be sure, I find it pretty unfair that the losing side gets nothing.

Fair enough in finals, but during the season I rather like JT's answer ......... both teams get a point, then play the Golden Point time for the extra point.

That seems to satisfy all except for the diehard "there must be a winner and a loser " types ....... and commercial TV which wants something to talk about and who cares if it's fair.

Any sides that have battled it out for 80 minutes and are still equal should get something each, and if we must have a winner, then the Golden Point time is legitimate.


I'm a bit of a Bronco tragic coming from near Brisbane, but I think a change would be fairer to all.


However, I can see that the excitement of the extra time would be affected, unless in the latter stages of the season when a point might make a huge difference to a team.





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Maybe just call it a draw like in the good old days? A winner takes all result is not always the best result. If teams are that close, that should be reflected in what they take from the game. Sure it is exciting, but not really fair.



My opinion has swayed a bit. I think in the rounds a draw is a draw. Finals need a winner, so I think extra time as required.


Golden point gives so much opportunity from first use of the ball or profit from one mistake, even a referring error and it is all over, whereas extra time there should be a more even distribution of opportunity.

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