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Hi V1 I think at $2 or 1.80 would be better then it has to be of value. Checking out where NIB is at around $3 mark and MPL is the largest in Australia I would say something drastic would have to happen for it not to open higher than this. Not saying its going to be going north on a daily basis but nice to have a few I think. Depends on how many we are allocated. I think they own AHM too. I guess they will be advertising on tv like NIB and getting very commercial just hope they have the right management in place.
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A bit off topic I suppose but does selling a health fund to the public mean that future govts' hands are tied with respect to the health insurance rebate?

This is a significant question in relation to all businesses such as this. I don't mind admitting I got out of RHC because I was petrified about what the Rudd/Gillard govts might do.

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Wow 8% of what you wanted is not good. Could you also have bought through the IPO and got more that way (double dip)? You get 15% more they say by the pre-registering.

Put in for what i wanted thru the IPO instead my broker. Bpayd the amount so now wait and see what scale back there is i guess.

Hope its not a huge scale back as as you say may not have been worth the trouble. Also in the time it take to get refund the money could have been used elsewhere!! Cheer V1

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