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Mme, the presentation holds some gems of new information. Invitec to provide $35m in funding for starters. The frac programme is well down the design track and the procurement process has already begun. It all takes time but this is looking very good for the future.......take out or as a tier 1 gas operation.


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Hi mme,


The volume has been interesting but perhaps not enough to give a strong signal until recent days. The charts look good right now. A move above 15c would imo be confirmation this is on a new upward journey.


News could certainly be pending. The LOI will no doubt be progressing behind the scenes. Much will depend on the speed of IP rather than RE as to how soon we hear developments on this front.


The flow programme must be close. They have been purchasing supplies for the tests so I would guess testing ought to commence within the next two months.

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Yep would of thought news due anytime now. What the LOI was talked about in May so I would of thought maybe a nice binding contract by now as we are coming up to 6 months since the initial announcement? Sitting tight with an average of 10.5 - 11 cents so happy to sit tight and wait until news is forthcoming. :biggrin:
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