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Yep, I will be at my computer keenly waiting for the announcement. I'm hoping it was done at 3 cents and fully subscribed so I can buy into the supply next week. I have a feeling about this company. Healthy looking projects, small share base, management have skin in the game, top 20 make up 46%, and I suspect their cash backing will be reasonable fairly soon. Worth a punt anyway.
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Add in a bit of dilution melua and it's slightly less appealing, but ever so slight.


As a current holder, I'm happy that the money will be in the bank for what should be an exciting six months. On the other hand, I'm slightly disappointed on the dilution side at these very low levels and will have to add further to my holdings.


Congratulation to you guys and others that get in on the placement/and or market price which should prove to be rock bottom.

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