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I say decent enough as in commerical. A number of fields close to each other, and nothing that I can see that would make this a difficult mining operation. They'll set up a central hub for their operations, and are close to existing infrastructure. There could be more to come with high grade samples and potential for these veins to run quite deep. And they seem to have a good handle on the Predictore technology.


Looks like a voluntary suspension until the 29th at the latest. Will be interesting to see what the opening bids will be. I like these companies with relatively low share bases.

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Yeah if they can come up with a 1M+ ounce JORC next year (at shallow depths) that would justify a resource value of at least $50/ounce or $50M. Probably more. Market cap right now is tiny. $7M.

The stock is totally unwanted, unloved, not marketed. It has the hallmarks of being at rock bottom prices.

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