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Ethical Investing


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May as well put this item here ........ Cows on buns ....... or cows on petri plates .....




I guess these things are coming . I'm OK with it as long as there's some variety ......... every single steak or burger being the same will be a bit boring. Not sure what we'll do those lovely NZ lamb shanks though.







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and a new arrival to the bourse


Wide Open Agriculture Ltd (WOA) is a Regenerative Food and Farming company based in Western Australia's Wheatbelt. We are the world's only publicly-listed company seeking to deliver '4 Returns' - measurable outcomes on financial, natural, social and inspirational returns.


Dirty Clean FoodTM has established a specialised, direct distribution platform for its range of premium grass fed, regeneratively farmed beef and lamb. ....and recently I saw they have made a move into 'plant based meat'.


- go to the website and you can't help but feel better


(and I am sure inspirational returns will help put food on the table)


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sometimes the smart money lol is moving so fast it all becomes a blur

I have mixed feelings about the Financial Press, as there is a paucity of serious journalism... ...has been that way for quite a while, but this internet thingy has brought information to end users, such that the intermediaries have less power. But the art of self promotion is a skill in and of itself. Useful idiots like Jonathan Shapiro in the AFR and Gottliebson in The Oz seem happy to run a blurb a day, featuring whichever fundie has shovelled copy their way. Mainstream media has a few specific serial offenders, like the always prefixed by billionaire Alex Waislitz and Gizelle Roux another. She of JBWere, then Escala Partners and now out to pasture, has resurfaced.

When she left the boutique wealth manager, Ms Roux hinted at a move towards the impact or sustainability investment space.

It is mainstream, people want it, and it is enormously important. And even if you do not agree with the principle, these are businesses that are going to grow because they have a commercial bent in it. They're not charities; they have a commercial enterprise that is going to hopefully improve environmental and sustainability outcomes
[That was last November].


Following months of conversations and meetings, Ms Roux recently joined the investment advisory committee of Conscious Investment Management, a boutique impact investment firm that invests in social housing and disability accommodation. The investment team, led by former Goldman Sachs banker Matthew Tominc, chooses ­investments that are then vetted by the investment committee, ­including Ms Roux.

The investment committee role is really to look at what is being done, and question any issues that arise. And then most importantly, whether it makes sense from an impact, (socially) conscious and ethos point of view, but also is structured in a way to meet investor expectations. Investors are there to do good but also to get a return.


I think it is an important area for people to be invested in. It is different to ESG in that this is more investing in things that hopefully improve some of [our] society outcomes. So it is a different angle on the problem.

Sounds like a sinecure.
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