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Ethical Investing


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check out:




Had a beer with the guy who runs it the other night. A great source of ethical corporation related news. It helps me sooth the socialist bones in my body from time to time.


You need to sign up but it is free.

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Hi Cris


I'd place very few stocks in this category. Ethical investing is hard to define. For example, take a company like Nike. Now Nike have a reputation for using labour in third world countries, but they actually treat their staff better than other local producers and pay their staff more than the going rate in those countries. Yet Nike have a bad reputation for using this labour. But also, Nike are helping to raise the living standards by giving people work in those countries. Nike are more responsible because they have to be in the capitalist system.


Now, I'm not affiliated with Nike, but IMO they do fit the ethical investing brand.


I even think some mining companies would do the same, bringing jobs and prosperity where it never existed before. Can you imagine the middle east without the oil money? I would only say that governments should make sure that these mining companies pay the true cost, including environmental controls and cleanup.


In other words, I think any company can be ethical and needs to be assessed on it's merits.

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Thanks Flash.


Seems regardless of how deep you go in terms of a company's operations, there could still be relevant info you've missed.


A weighted rating system could help. Not sure if this already exists but I do know it's something I wouldn't want to take on.


You've given me food for thought.


Will check out that website also.




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Hi Cris, I cant be of much help with ethical investing, but I would think vti would be classed as an ethical investment. I dont hold any, anymore, and I would suggest you to research first ( as im sure you would) particularly financials and cash burn etc. I dont buy for ethical reasons though, but have surprised myself ( and it was a shock) for not buying for ethical reasons when opportunity has been stareing me in the face




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