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In reply to: wolverine on Thursday 15/09/05 12:44pm

With the sugar price and futures looking good well into next year and the second cogeneration project commissioned and well into cash flow positive by this time next year,with another three major ones to come ,I think santa and the easter bunny will bring us the presents we are looking for .

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In reply to: HALSTEAD on Saturday 17/09/05 06:57pm

yay, someone else to talk to here.


breaking into new highs makes it easier to buy. as usual stops in place (just in case).


one of the private fundies i know is short most of the open interest on the $3.01 dec puts. pocketed some reasonable premium for his trouble. he rolled some $2.78 septs to open the $3.01's decs. i think he likes em.

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Very annoyed about CSR as I hold the same number of RIN shares that have jumped so well they are in the ASX 20, whilst snail paced CSR move down.
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In reply to: Grebmoolb on Tuesday 20/09/05 12:16pm

You should have been adding to your CSR holding post demerger ,Grebmoolb.

Rinker has done well for us long term holders ,a little sooner than we thought .

There is good news for CSR and their suppliers up north with more government assistance being paid to them .

Should be 10 mill plus to CSR by my calculations.

Higher sugar futures , ethanol and electricity generation from their waste product points towards positive territory.




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QUOTE (HALSTEAD @ Tuesday 20/09/05 09:57am)

I sold my CSR yesterday as I'm trying to build up cash in my account - good luck to you guys.


To be honest, I sold my RIN earlier in the year at a very good profit, they went on to $15+, hope CSR do the same for you all.

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In reply to: wolverine on Thursday 29/09/05 07:21am

Yes Wolverine.

Looking good indeed.No doubt the sugar growers way up north will be happy.

It will be interesting to see what CSR share price does when there is a correction in the New York No 11.

I wonder how the current co generation project is going ?


Sorry to see Greb sell out at this exciting time for CSR.


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