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possibly the vendor tax in NSW will give a small kick along for building products in addition to sugar firming. (personally i am hoping for the mother of all spikes in sugar.....as if).


$4 works for me greb, can u arrange it by late sept or dec please.

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Yes Grebmoolb/bloomberg $4 would be nice wouldn't it? just got my divvy chq in the mail, last one as they want direct debit from now on.

I first bought these years ago when I gave up smoking, in those days you could top up monthly, which I did with the money I would have spent on smoking, it turned out to be a great idea, especially when they spun out Rinker on a 1 for 1 basis, as the Rinker ones are doing very nicely now.

Cheers Moosey

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today is critical. CSR is pushing thru the recent high @ $2.80


if you like money, this is one to get in the PF.


i have a short Sept $2.78 put position and a long Dec $2.78 call position.


time to add. with stops under $2.80


sugar has been firming recently and i suspect building is holding up ok.

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QUOTE (wolverine @ Monday 08/08/05 04:40am)

Not quite at $3.00 yet, though I take a crumb of comfort in the 20c capital re-payment, so it's really around $3.08 this morning. Was it not $4 I mentioned, still Septembers not over yet.


$4 by Xmas - if not there is no such person as Santa.

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