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QUOTE (jebr @ Tuesday 05/04/05 02:30am)

Fall still comes despite the buy-back of shares. Sugar is not a good business to be in until the Common Market stops subsidising it's farmers. More expenditure here to help stop declining turn-over as in 2004.


Aluminium prices as well as Aluminium Alloy prices are well down on the start of the year and is depressing the CSR shareprice accordingly.


The first quarter of the year showed level house prices in Australia which is not that much of a help.

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QUOTE (omega 3 @ Wednesday 18/05/05 09:21am)

The report looks good with the dividend increase, capital return and increased profits. If you go to the end of the report you will see that CSR expects a similar year ahead to this year end, maybe why the share hasn't rocketed. Buy-back of shares has come to an end.

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In reply to: Grebmoolb on Thursday 19/05/05 11:35am

Looks like a good ROI at the moment with increased franking etc.What i am more interested in is where will the growth opportinuties come from?.Is it co-generation ,ethanol or building products ? ANY COMMENTS.. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif

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