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DONT get carried away with GPG they own 5% and 95% they don't of CSR, also don't trust Murdock this is a write up trying

to mix the BIZ it sell papers in the old days NOT much today,, But with that aside CSR has been a giant for many years it did start

with sugar but latter it went into building coy`s and at first had success and we saw the sell off of the USA company with that

gone its come back to AU and started to do it again with the glass company and others now it back in the same trouble DEBT

like all company`s trying to get its monkey of its tail so lets break off the sugar it may work and may not, but GPG wont be running

the SHOW.. just check there own track RECORD.. :king:

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There you go again believing what ever GPG does is good they make just as many mistakes in lots of other companies as well as CSR,, But NO good complaining about CSR buying at high prices GPG has done the very same when it bought its holding the

good Dr W should have tried to join the board and work on the inside but 5% not big enough to get on board but he could have tried..


GPG has fallen behind by not taken up its share allotments also could have bought more at very low prices to gain strength

but NO they want to yell at the annual meet they know BEST.. :king:

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There was one interesting comment in the Chairman's address about activities being undertaken in the glass, insulation and gypsum business units.


These are the same divisions FBU are strong in.


Something is up in the cement business.


Graeme Hart is always busy making deals and he pinched some key FBU staff members. Staff FBU chose not to exercise a restraint of trade clause against.


Gonna be some big deals soon.

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Hi, King.


I don't know where you get the idea that I, or anyone else think that GPG know what they're doing but there's no denying that they sometimes take positions and force changes. The fact that they're not having any success with CSR doesn't mean that we should disregard what they're trying to do.



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Gorden Gekko would be pleased with your reply its like a two way bet on one hand you say GPG dose not know and then they do

because things have changed , give us a go make your mind up.. GPG has tried this stunt many times and companies one they missed on is back in the old days with Sir Robert Jones annual GPG could run rings around him said Dr W., BRICKS was there but it all ended up in the garbage tin.


NO different as TODAY.. :king:

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I don't really follow all these references to " Sir Robert Jones" - his public company days were long before GPG came on the scene - and BRICKS ?


GPG certainly don't get all of their little forays to work but I did well enough out of the likes of Tyndall and Tower to at least take a bit of notice.



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