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Its Rinker who are looking good after the split and I have now increased my holding in CSR as they may now move on to $2.50 then $3 as they are looking as cheap as chips.
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In reply to: theking on Thursday 02/09/04 02:08am

$2.40 looks very encouraging this morning and all bodes well for the year ahead. Not sure about the sugar though as it gets a lot of negative press.

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QUOTE (theking @ Friday 24/09/04 02:03am)

Trouble is theKing that all this fat people publicity is making more and more of us feel we should go low sugar and low fat. Don't you think http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif

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With forecasts in the USA of 5% growth and a fall to a more reasonable level of light sweet, the world looks good for sustained growth that should advantage this ASX 50 stock.
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