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The End of Nuclear Power?  

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Not too sure which stocks are exporting but PDN is one who stands to benefit bigtime with their South African Venture. PDN is well worth looking at. I think you'll find there's no one else in Australia. Most are Canadian Companies when I researched PDN awhile ago. This is only one of several stocks that decided to keep a portion of as I think they are destined for big things. Own PDN shares. PDYOR before buying.
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Nothing yet on Gallop's keynote address today at which the media expected him to announce the election date.As I posted earlier on the SMM thread Gallop has said that he intends to maintain the ban on uranium mining in Western Australia and make it an issue in the election.

In the meantime it seems he doesn't see any votes in Latham.(from News.com.au)


Gallop offers Latham well-wishes

January 14, 2005


WESTERN Australia's Premier Geoff Gallop has grudgingly wished Mark Latham well in his battle with pancreatitis - while again distancing his upcoming election campaign from the ailing Federal Labor leader.


Again pressed for a comment on Mr Latham's troubles yesterday morning, Dr. Gallop continued his stance that the WA ballot would be fought on local issues, and reiterated he did not need a federal personality to hold his hand.


Having been accused of disloyalty towards Mr Latham by WA opposition leader Colin Barnett yesterday morning, the Premier did offer his well-wishes to Mr Latham, although the were far from hearty.


"I hope that anyone in Australia who is ill gets better, and that applies to Mark Latham obviously," Dr. Gallop said.


The WA Premier is due to deliver a keynote speech today, where he is expected to outline his Government's achievements in its first term and the strategy to win a second.




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There is a half page article in today's Australian Financial Review on Gallop's keynote address.No mention of policy on uranium mining.

"West Australian Premier Geoff Gallop has tried to shed his image of a tax bogeyman by apologising for having broken an election promise on taxes and pledging further tax cuts providing the state's stellar economic growth continues.

But he also admitted in a pre-election policy speech on Friday that he had erred in lifting taxes when the State's economy was booming in 2003.

Dr Gallop is expected to gauge reaction to his speech before his announcement during the week of an election date widely expected to be February 19."

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Some extracts from the official Policy of Western Australia Labor.No doubt there re their attitude to things nuclear.


WA Labor's Platform


The WA ALP State Conference determines the policy agenda of the Party. Our most recent conference was held in July 2003.



24. Recognising the problems, hazards and dangers of nuclear power, especially relating


a. the safety of the nuclear fuel cycle;

b. the unsolved problems pertaining to the reprocessing and storage of

radioactive wastes and spent plant;

c. the growing concern about the biomedical effects of even low radiation;

d. the coupling of nuclear energy and nuclear weapon development;

e. the added danger of a future plutonium economy and the threats to civil

liberties involved in a nuclear economy; and

f. the fact that Labor policy contained herein on fossil fuels, energy

conservation and renewable resources will ensure Western Australian

energy self sufficiency;

Labor will:

g. reject nuclear power as an option for electricity generation in Western


h. oppose the establishment of a nuclear enrichment facility in the State;

i. reject the establishment of nuclear processing plants or the storage of

nuclear wastes in the State;

j. allow no uranium mining or development in Western Australia; and

k. place thorium under the restrictions and conditions applicable to the

mining, processing, sale and transportation of uranium currently mined in

Australia as outlined in the Resources and Energy section of the National

Platform, so far as they relate to nuclear non-proliferation.


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