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The Next Prime Minister  

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Who Will Be The Prime Minister Following The 2013 Election?



If it wasn't so serious todays events would at the very best be seen as high farce, at worst a modern day demonstration of political shambles worthy of any third world continent.


Do we, the voters, have no immediate voice?


We should unite, march in our millions on Canberra and demand an immediate election, surely we can't wait until September.

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Flower spot on. Its a soap opera. We don't have a voice we should all march in our millions but all you will see is union bs out marching they will gather their own and everyone else will be scared to show their faces out there....but when we vote it will be a massacre.
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please don't march to Canberra; just as far as your local member's office.


Dont think I'd make that far! Not much point going to our local members office, since they are mostly liberal, over here in the west even our Federal "Cabinet" are unwelcome :excl:

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