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Lets hope our beloved Treasurer makes many more vitriolic appearances on telly, it would be fantastic to see Swan front up to Clive Palmer on the ABC TV programme Questions/Answers specially since Palmer seems intent on a High Court action challenging some aspects of the proposed current resource tax!


Best thing for Australia, IMHO, is Turnbull as PM, Abbot as chief "head kicker"---ASAP!

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Some what off topic to be in the Index Trading xjo, dow, dax, ftse thread.




Costello is ideal but he will never be accepted. Labor are too smart and as cunning as a Brothel Bathroom's Rat to l let him get through unscathed and he is above all of that to not fight dirty to rightfully win.


98% of the people I work with have no idea about what is happening in Europe / USA at any level other than they hear it is a cheap holiday destination.


And 99% have no idea they can protect their Super by shifting from the default balance of investments. And 100% of those could not care anyway. And 95% of those will complain after the event that there Super was "wiped out".

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