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The big rally on the 23rd bought it to my attention. Don't hold it, but looking for a retrace to enter if it goes low enough.

A mate who is switched on with FA gives it a fair val of 2.43.

Don't know if it will drift back now with the 8c xdiv coming up on 17th. Maybe after that?

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Well the guy who wrote this article thinks the new domain names will be the greatest thing since sliced bread !


Marketing bonanza awaits as organisations set to get approval to register brands as domains


Hang on, no wonder!.... it was written by the CEO of MLB!


I guess the market does not seem too impressed - maybe unless MLB can get a good chunk of the $185k application fee.

Not much action today.


Ah (sigh)...tech bubbles - those were the days 100%+ here 100%- there!

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How much of the latest rally and ascending triangle has to be attributed to tomorrow's 25c special dividend?

How far down will it drop on ex-div?

And for how long?



I'm prepared to sit it out and have adjusted the ex-div stop level to a Close below $2. ($1.98 to be precise.)

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My Analyser software has treated the special dividend as Capital Return and adjusted the history accordingly.

That way, history continues to relate to today's, i.e. post-return, shares, allowing for all derivatives and indicators to remain consistent.



Another correction: My stop calculation was incorrect. I didn't include the franking credits, which add about 8c to the payout.

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