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Hi King,


Been a while since there has been any posts here re MXI. Volume has been a little thin lately any thoughts?


I have been on MXI for sometime and believe it to have great potential Medium to Long term.


Cheers for now


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Hi H,


You are definately right about the prospects of MXI - I too am a medium to long term holder and fundementally they are a sound company with a low PEG ratio. They were earnings acretive from day dot from their acquisition of Hamelex and i won't be suprised to see there profit come in well above consensus. Probably with earnings of around 7-8.5 cents per share for the last year. This would give it a SP of $1.24 on a PE ratio of 16 and $1.10 with the sector(capital goods) PE of 14.2.


I think the dilution of shares due to the capital raising has had a short term affect on the momentum of the Sp however it won't be long before the sellers dry up and the bulls take it over on the strength of its future rather than its short term technical aspects.



savtin http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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