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Thanks, Mel, for trying.


You may not have convinced me (yet), but you have intrigued me to the extent that I'm keeping CHK on my watchlist.

The rosy future may well come around as you promise; however, at present I can see no evidence of great sums of money rushing in. Which leads me to a dilemma: Giving your intimate knowledge of matters fundamental the benefit of the doubt, how come you are the only one "in the know"? How come, not even one other ShareScener has shown an interest in this ten-bagger?

Let's say only a dozen fellow ShareSceners followed your suggestion and placed orders for $10K each. That very modest interest would treble the total amount that's currently being bid. And about half of that bid volume is tied up in a single order of 1M shares at 3c. The Grand Total of "smart money" changing hands today ran up to $35K. Begs the question, who was the smarter: buyers or sellers? Seeing the trend of resistance is still falling, I'll let the Market be the judge of that.



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It's early days arty. The herd haven't arrived yet..... but they will. Just like they did with BML. There wasn't anyone interested in BML 10 months ago. Hardly a single post over the road.

Let's just say I have done a lot of research into the Argentinian leases that CHK are trying to vend in here. If you're not bullish on uranium medium term, then forget about CHK. You will only make circa five bags if uranium remains unloved. However if uranium becomes much loved again (and this is the speccy part), then it's all blue sky ahead.

Market cap currently $2M assuming full take up of rights issue.


You never did answer my question about the sub 3c "gap".

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Thanks melua;

yes, I am mildly optimistic on uranium and can see a speccie in this sector do well. But a significant part of my own "Due Diligence" is Technical in nature. And that requires volume and a positive momentum.

You never did answer my question about the sub 3c "gap".

I did. Even provided the link to the ASX regulation in http://www.sharescene.com/index.php?showto...st&p=834209

If you want to know more you'll have to take it up with them.

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I know this stock is not for you.......YET!

It's a matter of buying dirt cheap and waiting. The wait could well be longer than you would like to have your capital tied up and I understand that.

It's a bit like my mate with SYR. He bought a million a long time ago and averaged (I think) 8c. $80,000 is a bit of money to have tied up for 18 months before anything happens.

He still has the one million shares though and the stock is $5.12. Patience is sometimes a virtue.


PS. With CHK, I am confident we can get to at least 15c before the herd even begin to arrive. It's extremely tightly held and only a handful of loose shares.

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I just noticed that.

Reinforces my question: Was his the "smart money" pulling out after "somebody" lifted the sp above 5c ?

The 700k+ that he sold over the past few days were all he held 2 years ago.

Will be interesting to see whether he returns as a substantial holder after the issue of new shares...

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