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In reply to: tuapui on Thursday 26/06/08 04:00pm

Yes i believe that if they reach the 90% mark then they have the rights to acquire your shares regardless if you accepted the offer or not. But dont worry as i doubt it will happen.


Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong!

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In reply to: rubba81 on Sunday 06/07/08 03:46pm

If they have 60% acceptance they will most likely get there in the end no matter what.


The best chance of getting a better price is for someone to launch a better offer and start a bidding war(hopefully).


If the bid did lapse the price may not get back to 32 for some time.


I accepted the bid, since it seems my best chance of getting my small profits back in the bank in the quickest possible time, with the best chance of eliciting a bidding war, if someone else is waiting in the wings to see if it might get up at these prices (which I admit to thinking are low and opportunistic and in poor form considering the bidder's relationship to the target - but that's par for the course it seems these days)


All opinions are simply my ill-informed ruminations.

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Thanks for letting me know David!


Which State are you from and also did it come as a check?


I'll probably give it another week and then start making inquiries. Who should i contact?


Cheers http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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In reply to: rubba81 on Monday 25/08/08 12:46am

as I see it, clause 3.8 in the target's statement, you should get the cheque at least within one month of the bid becoming unconditional. There is a shareholder helpline on 1300 728 209 (assuming that is still open at this stage) . The cheque came with a covering letter from Cristal Australia Pty Ltd signed by Dr Stephen Ward - Director, but no direct phone number, registry is Computershare on 1300 763 914

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