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In reply to: Danville on Monday 30/04/07 07:06pm

Turkey market down 6% Yikes


It'll be funny if this causes a correction and so from now on everyone will be focussing on Turkey just like what happened in China http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

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Also, can someone please explain to me how the yanks can trade before the open??


I often see on marketwatch,


JFSI was down 0.3% before the bell.

HUA ticked up 0.02% in pre-open trading.


How do they do this?

Obviously you cant do that on the ASX?

How about Europe and other markets?


(apologies for the amatuerish question)

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QUOTE (jaolsa @ Tuesday 01/05/07 02:08pm)

DOW component Proctor and Gamble reporting :

Slightly better than expected. Earnings as expected



ISM and Auto sales 10pm Perth time


Outside of this, the lead tonight should come from the Nasdaq

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In reply to: nizar on Monday 30/04/07 10:43pm

hi nizar, institutions (banks & super fund managers etc) are allowed to trade before the market opens to joe bloggs like us. hence the sometimes higher/lower opening prices from previous days trade. they trade (an hour i think) before you and i so if there is any news good/bad, they get the first bite at the cherry. this is the case in all markets i believe

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In reply to: nizar on Monday 30/04/07 10:40pm

yeh, turkey is a real turkey, doubt though if it will impact as it's a little tiddler in the scheme of things. i think investor sentiment - the fear factor is creeping in again, they will be looking for any excuse in u.s. to have a correction as they have had it too good for last couple of weeks. it's human nature.

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