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C: This is the best bit---cost of production at A$574---which gives IGR a gross margin per ounce sold of A$822 at todays A$ prices.

On a particularly encouraging note, it is expected that production cash costs are likely to be

lower than the A$574 per ounce as estimated by the feasibility study. Once the operation

attains steady-state production, actual production cash costs will be confirmed


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$822 margin equates to a gross profit of $82.2 million if 100,000 oz produced.

I' know we won't get there this year as we didn't start on 1/7/10 but still it's a nice dream.


$822 margin on 140,000 oz production is a gross profit of $115 million. Pretty good return on a co. valued @ $526 million

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I'm a little confused and wouldn't mind some help here. Some people on other forums are saying Baker Steele are still selling. From what I can see it looks very much like someone wants the share price lower. Why would a net seller want that? Is this selling or accumulation? Both? (Always both but hopefully you know what I mean)
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yes, I know what you mean;

so far, it looks like real selling to me. Accumulation rarely happens mere pennies below a recent Top.

Selling can have many reasons: Maybe the seller "needs" cash; maybe they're overweight this sector and want to ease off; or it could be plain profit taking.

Whatever the reason, the pattern of the past couple of weeks repeats similar patterns 2-3 months ago, which I marked on the chart.

If support at 66c proves holding support, I'd see a good chance that the next target may be as high as 94c.

Otherwise, 50c is looking more likely.



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It appears that baker steel are rebalancing their portfolio.,. taking out some profit;


I am content that 1. IGR has some good runs on the board and these will be positives for the share price.


2. I don't know where better to place my money .


3. the price of Au will hold for some, probably several , months , forgeting the current dip, into CY 2011 .


4. re#!. - . viz quarterly production report; profit report; imminent upgrade of resources. continuing


increase of production capacity , and profits.

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Hi Arty,


In todays Herald-Sun Newspaper Daryl Morley thedaytrader.com.au listed IGR as an inclusion in his portfolio. Buy @ 72 cents with a stop loss at 67cents. First target is 82 cents and the second target is $1.40


Perhaps some who follow his methods may be buying in? He seems to be looking to include in his portfolio stocks that have recently broken all time highs. His portfolio has gone from $50,000 to $300,000 in 5 years.



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Flower I think you missed my point. I know about the BS subst notice. I was talking about today's action. The intraday trading looked very unclear to me. I couldn't (and can't) understand why BS didn't prop the SP whilst they did their selling, if indeed they were still selling today. I watch IGR daily and have seen a number of large sells over the years and the instos usually do not allow their selling to result in a slide such as the one we had today. Although I would say in my experience they sometimes do on their last gasp sells.


Today's selling looked decidedly more amateurish or perhaps more trader-like to me. But there are cleverer people on here than me and so I take it that perhaps BS are still selling or the spooked mums and dads are bailing because they don't understand what portfolio balancing is about.

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