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Thanks wot , pete and conti http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


Actually I was just venting after close...during a trading day when I miss an opportunity or sell too soon or otherwise stuff up..I just say "next" and move on to the next trade...also the great thing about trading is that there is always another bite at the cherry eg plenty of times I have missed a breakout and waited to buy back on dip...so I never really let it bother me as there is always the next trade...


Funny thing that philosophy also means that when I make a good play I can enjoy it but then it is "next" and I move on as if it did not happen...every day is a new day..


Happy Trading






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In reply to: Zaitech on Thursday 01/11/07 08:19pm

With the market down so much IGR has held in there very well...............With some more positive results next week perhaps we can see IGR firm over 50c................Heres hoping!

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In reply to: kojasper on Sunday 28/10/07 07:18pm

Back to 3rd Form / Year 9 geometry again....


I'm looking at the 31st October release page 3, as the Nov 2nd presentation doesn't include SKRC059 & 081.


What've I've done is use a highlighter to connect-the-dots...so the "zone" looks like it could be up to 500m long in strike, with an average width (being conservative and rectangular) of 60m and a depth (being conservative and rectangular) of 21m.


Grade on average about 3.9 g/t, I guesstimate (anyone any different?)



So that makes:


500m * 60m * 21m = 630,000 m3 of dirt

* 2.7 specific gravity

= 1.7Mt @ 3.9 g/t


~ 200,000 oz of resources (80,000 oz of reserves)


Have I missed anythigng / are numbers too conservative or light?


Cdr C

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In reply to: Marsupial on Saturday 03/11/07 02:43pm

Marsupial, once you get set I would like to hear your comments re another gold stock.

I have held IGR since 6 cents and during these 2 yearsI keep looking for similar opportunity but very hard now. Have been successful with ALD and NGF, and still holding them also and believe there is still some run on all 3 of these great gold stocks.

But to find another is very hard, so would like to hear your comments on your second find.

Monday should be a good day for goldies.

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QUOTE]What the hell is a gravestone doji ? , a chart would be good


I assume you have heard of Japanese candlestick charting?


Sounds scary doesn't it http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gifhttp://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Found at the top of a trend usually after very bullish activity,.....price gaps up on the open as over exuberance takes over, price rallies hard over the day, but bears take over and drive prices down to the opening price, with profit taking the order of the day.

A confirmation of this candle would be prices gapping down the following day (which they did)


It is a short term top and in isolation to long termers means little, however if one joined the fray in recent days and coupled with the parabolic rise it would be a warning sign at least that perhaps a larger than usual correction/pull back may take place?? But of course exceptional news would blow that out of the water.




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