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ï»Â¿In keeping with the communication with this company, if you want to know what is going on, you must do your own research.ï»Â¿


The spring ON Prime: Defence program saw 130 teams take part across the country, ON Prime: Defence's biggest yet. All participants took part in presentations in their home city. This saw Stealth Technologies in partnership with the University of Western Australia give their presentation on the morning of 5/12/19.ï»Â¿ÃƒÂ¯Ãƒ‚»Ã‚¿


"We propose a multi-drone carrier variant of our autonomous UGV, to become an Autonomous Drone Carrier (ADC). The ADC will deploy and co-ordinate multiple drones and/or cycle through drones, charging them at the station for continuous operation. The carrier is autonomous and can navigate itself to a launch potion, then the drones will autonomously deploy and perform their required mission. The capability of the drones is interchangeable and can be customised to meet specific requirements. The medium size of the ADC makes them deploy-able via helicopter, whilst large enough to perform multiple drone swarm missions.ï»Â¿ÃƒÂ¯Ãƒ‚»Ã‚¿"



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Behemoth Drilling

Drilling has commenced at the Behemoth Project but fire, water logistics and lightning strikes have delayed the

program. With scheduled breaks now occurring it is expected that the program will complete in the second week

of January. The Company is very pleased with the manner in which drilling contractor DDH1 and OMNI GEOX have

managed the program so far in frontier area for exploration in Western Australia. Assays for copper, gold, rare

earths and investigation for evidence of meteorite impact from the drill core are expected to be available in early


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The Company is backing the development of a proprietary autonomous robotics platform with a highly talented

technical team with deep experience in Ai, computer vision, autonomous vehicles and robotics for both software

and hardware. The Company has signed an agreement with global Fortune 100 software-industrial company

âââہ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’‹Ã…“Honeywellâââہ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¾Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢ to build experimental autonomous robotic vehicles. Honeywell operates total asset and facility

management operations globally across a range of market segments including Justice, Commercial, Health,

Defence and Hospitality. The Company is on track to deliver an autonomous robotic security vehicle in the first

quarter of 2020. The Company is also in discussion with multiple companies in the mining sector for its Ai and

robotics technology.

Nanocube Ink Demonstrator

A technology demonstrator is being fabricated with the University of New South Wales, Product Engineers based

in Sydney and experts based in VTT Finland to highlight the unique printable and transparent benefits of the

Nanocube memory technology. The data storage technology is physically printed onto surfaces (glass, plastics)

where industry standard silicon chip technology cannot go. A third party transparent display and touch sensor

component is being integrated with the transparent Nanocube Memory Ink and custom application logic

developed by the SOR backed team. Final validation testing of the Demonstrator program software functionality

has commenced and a presentation will be made in Finland to a select group of industry companies (and released

to ASX) in January, 2020.

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The demonstrator application has been fabricated and tested. They are just reconfirming the results to ensure it is on spec.


VTT scheduling and sourcing of the transparent display has delayed the completion of the demonstrator application, given that demonstrators would not be produced in the thousands, or even the hundreds, of units they would be a low priority for third parties, hence the delay.


Future demonstrator applications could perform different functions such as storing a range of information or images on glass or a transparent display and be combined with sensors and other computer vision technologies!


Good to see they are already thinking about how they can integrate the memory ink with their Stealth Technologies work.

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I either missed this picture on the 5/12/19 announcement or had forgotten about it:ï»Â¿ÃƒÂ¯Ãƒ‚»Ã‚¿ÃƒÂ¯Ãƒ‚»Ã‚¿ÃƒÂ¯Ãƒ‚»Ã‚¿.


So they are drilling Zone B1 (2km in length) & Zone B3 (3km in length). Zone B2 (1.4km in length is not being drilled initially although the IP results for Zone B2 appeared more prospective than Zone B3.


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A lot happening in the next few weeks/months.


Behemoth either has finished, or is nearly finished, being drilled. Target depth was 550m in two holes, hopefully the results were such that they continued beyond that. Assay results from the two holes are due early February.


At some stage over the next few weeks we should get news of the grant of the Leviathan permit and an update on the plans for drilling that area.


Memory ink demonstrator application is undergoing final testing with a presentation being delivered to their PrintoCent partners in Finland in the final week of January, with the presentation being announced to the ASX presumably at the same time.


Stealth Technologies might take a bit longer to provide an update, news could come at any time within the next three months with news on their first autonomous ground vehicle for Honeywell due around the end of that three months.



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..great timing with the presentation of our demonstrator application next week!

and the presentation comes out, next day SOR sold off by 20%. The ASX sends a 'please explain' to which SOR replies it is unaware, in compliance, other than it is currently pursuing a number of technology and resources projects that are speculative in nature, etc


Clawed its way back a bit today upon reinstatement. Maybe some holder just took some off the table?


(Don't hold)

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Hard to say for sure what the cause of the big drop, could have been some selling to cover margin calls, stop losses triggered, could be a leak about the Behemoth results although the drill cores had yet to be sent for assaying at the time of the company reply to the ASX.


Partial recovery today. I am still holding out hope that we will see some good to great results from Behemoth.


In terms of the transparent memory ink whilst they have completed a demonstrator application to show case the possibilities of the tech they also made clear that was still plenty more work to do.

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Great progress with SOR subsidiary Stealth Technologies presenting their Autonomous Security Vehicle late last week.


Just awaiting final validation and acceptance testing before Honeywell puts it into use at the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison which they manage on behalf of the Western Australian government.




Check the video on the website of the A$V in action.

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