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Plastics Conspiracy Theroies


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I have to thank floyd for starting this thread. It now gives me respite from my trolls on my favourite stock BLT who seem to have intimidated SS enough to see their way is the highway. My conspiracy theories are now being deleted. Ostensibly because they are not BLT specific. However, one has to take a holistic view of the sector and sometimes industry and compare with peers and competitors in order to ascertain an appropriate perception.


So, instead of posting in BLT I will now post in this thread about many things pertaining mainly to the biotech industry and including BLT.


So first up, I noticed this posted up a contributor called rubra, but like a lot of my posts, it was deleted. In it two questions are asked. I will answer the another time.


Do you remember PFE and Bill Gates coming to terms on the Anne Arbor site years ago?


On the day of the Zoetis spin out there was a change of control at GEN with the directors. No coincidence in my mind.


At the time of the BLT takeover bid, it was PFE stepping up that spurred it. The buyer behind it was MRK with Citigroup. Gates was, probably in partnership with Allen, the largest single holder in MRK. It would've been him wagging the MRK tail.


Now, he is meeting John Key Woo. At the same time ISIS goes in to a halt and announces a tiny Roche partnership after they bailed from ALNY which validates antisense over ddRNAi IMHO. And tufulipo says the following about what must be the Gates, Allen factor;


QUOTE And of course anyone who has invested a penny alongside a billionaire knows how that teeter totters. The little guy gets suspended in mid-air til the billionaire gets his fat ass off the seat. And when does that happen? Only when the billionaire is damned good and ready.

So what is Geppetto carving?

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Today's conspiracy theory is Premier John Key Woo is being made to look like a eunach's eunach. The former Big Swinging Dick in global markets is now just a swinger. The proof is in the Mighty River Power IPO.


The current delay to IPO is nothing to do with the official reason of tweaking the prospectus to accomodate Labour and Greens policies. Those policies will never see the light of day.


The TRUE reason for the suspension of process is the billionaire still has to get off his fat ass.


But if we were to really aspire to being a conspiracy theorist, we would say the billionaire got off his fat ass this morning when the markets were closed to the retail end and made his transactions while nobody was looking and worse is still unreported and unseen.

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Today was the last day for settlement of any trades made during the blackout of the NZX last week. Perhaps we will have disclosure tomorrow should any have occurred.


Might it even be the billionaire decided to get off his ass just as the NZX flipped the off switch?

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Hey Floyd, did I ever thank you for starting this thread? I should. Despite the attempt to ridicule its good having your own page for making highly speculative conjecture on with any reader knowing that its just one individuals theory. Seems like when I post similar stuff on other threads a whole lot of people want to delete it as quickly as possible and have me banned. Can't imagine why if its just one guy's mad assed crackpot conspiracy theory. But the amount of reads on this thread suggests somebody gets some value from it.


Here's my latest.


Latest developments that indicate an industry wide transaction may be close to happening include GTG going in to suspension today pending a major financing deal. It has to be major because all the regular ones of just a few million to kick the company down the road to the next cap raise happen overnight. Plus GTG has already had its capital reconstructions done. GTG is also an ex-Bridges company.


Companion diagnostics go hand in hand with therapeutics. Suggesting the cap. raise may extend beyond GTG.


On another angle, SIE haven't closed their asset sale transaction yet. Even though it was scheduled to close yesterday. So something delaying that.


The delay I would say is the Chinese influence and the angle of making political capital. In NZ, and Au. too when Rudd had his Chinese shadows following his every move, everyone knows the ruling National party is in bed with the Chinese on a commercial level. Notably, in the dairy industry. But forestry as well. I'm sure other primary industries have also been targeted. With an election to be held in about nine days with polling suggesting its neck and neck, if there is political capital to be made from a mega-deal that serves the national interest factor then I am sure Prime Minister (Don) Jon Ki will look to exploit it any way he can.


I recall Enumerate once talking about cows and agricultural use for gene silencing along with closer integration of the Au. and NZ economies. Perhaps that time has arrived.


This link suggests the 17th for a resumption of trading or at least a reveal of the business plan after four years of suspension. The company has already stated they are in compliance with all demands made of them by the exchange to resume.




Merck did a very clever and unusual reverse merger of itself with Schering Plough in 2009. MRK and close relations with CSL. I wonder if they will do the same with CSL and all of its satellites. Including BLT.


After all, CSIRO, Bridges et. al. with their good relations with PFE, haven't gone around stripping these companies of their IP for no reason.


In sum, we are all waiting for the Chinese to fart but the Americans want to claim it as theirs so they can have the glory of it all.

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According to the slide in the BLT to AZ presentation, not only is TKMR using ddRNAi but so too is Rxi. See below.


Rxi made a presentation last week. During which, they released data which stated that so far their dermatological trial was a bust. Dirk discusses it on his blog. I have to warn BLT cheerleaders and sycophants that it is not good reading if they are indeed employing BLT's ddRNAi.




Rxi also had Dr. Ahn as their CEO once, ending up at GALE. For whatever reason he took up residence in Wellington, NZ and lectured at the local university. Seemed a rather strange thing to do on the surface. I figured it was to get close to the politicos and bureaucrats that make the decisions that matter on IP and privatization but who really knows. Perhaps it was just a good career move. God knows he needs one now after the GALE and Seeking Alpha debacle.


Kind of shows the type of people that are involved with BLT behind the scenes if you ask me.


Despite protestations to the contrary, the AZ slide clearly shows TKMR as using ddRNAi. The current hype on TKMR having a one shot cure for Ebola certainly provides hope to those who need it. Be they patients, patients' families, TKMR investors or BLT punters. I however, share Dirks view in this tweet.


$TKMR buy the speculation at your own risk.


Because basically, if RXi was a bust with a ex-CEO getting caught out in a pump and dump scam on Seeking Alpha while BLT are having delay after delay in their HCV trials and after nearly twenty years as a listed company they only have one patient dosed, then intuitively, all science aside, one has to say something is not quite right.






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If I were a Prime Minister who has been under constant attack as he tries to secure his third term in office, I would need to pull a rabbit out of the hat.


It's like, if everyone thinks they can hold a gun to my head, why can't I hold a gun to theirs. Theirs being the electorate.


Which is why I found this quote of John Key's today, very interesting. However, I do have to disclaim it is with vivid imagination that I make this conspiracy theory up.




"The United States of America has some interesting issues it's having to deal with, and tangentially there's always a risk that a New Zealander is involved in that, whether as a foreign fighter or whatever it might be.


"But New Zealand is not the primary interest of the United States."


Whatever it might be, just might be world beating biological IP. IP that would have an effect on geo-political issues over the next century the same way splitting the atom did. IP that if used appropriately will keep the US at the vanguard of the technological curve. Rendering production gains to their industry that other countries cannot contemplate. In particular those that affect the food chain, energy and health industries while changing the entire concept of military warfare.


In that regard, NZ would be the primary interest of the US. And they would have good cause to spy on NZ, its companies and its people.


Now ask yourself, why would a Zionist ex-merchant banker worth tens of millions want to be the Prime Minister of NZ? Appoint another Zionist as his Chief Scientific Officer. And an old school tie buddy, who may well be another Zionist as the head of the Secret Service. Who are these people really serving?


Going back to the election and rabbits. Perhaps, just perhaps, he is going to drop a multi-billion dollar deal a couple of days before the election. One that enriches every single member of the nation. No matter what country they have come from, so long as they contribute to Kiwi Saver. A deal that will encourage every parent to sign their kids up to Kiwi Saver in order to benefit from it. A deal that will enable the termination of the old age pension for those over 65.


Then John Key can say, forget about everything else, do you want the money or not? If yes. Vote National. If no. Vote for the other guy.


Am just saying, that's what I would do, if I were PM. That's the rabbit I would pull out of my hat.

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