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What happened to Flower?


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Too late! just made it home after Heathrow was paralysed by a one day public service strike and just before Quantas cancelled their threatened engineers strike, mercifully the ash cloud has gone so didn't then get stranded for days in Singapore.


Fascinating and highly informative few weeks seeing first hand the "big picture" effects that China and India are exerting on two countries and two world currencies, the EURO and the GBP, and consequentially how the soaring AUD changes the whole perspective for Australians, given we could be watching the eventual demise of the USD, the EURO and the current efforts of the Bank of England to stop that sort of threat bringing down the GBP.


Many I spoke to in Europe see China and India, ie the emerging economies as becomming even more dominant in the future.


The main international concern voiced is "Which currency to invest in" which has enourmous ramifications for Australians since the Reserve Bank is seen as the only world bank currently taking positive steps to choke off domestic inflation, apart from both China and India.

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C'mon spill the beans Marsupial... :laugh:
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As far as I can find, nobody died in Cowaramup during the last 30days.

So, it's most likely that Flower has flown to the Old Dart to escape the cold, wet winter and enjoy some balmy summer days in what the Brits call a "30 centigrade heat wave" :lol:

He could also have tried to catch a glimpse of Princess Charlotte, who I believe has been christened this weekend.

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Arty, do you know if the floral one is off to the motherland??

Been very quiet of late.

Hope the ole bugger hasn't carked it.


M: Correct assumption about the motherland, have returned but aiming to stay quiet, watching oil and gold very closely.

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