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In reply to: farmer fred on Saturday 08/11/08 08:23pm

Excellent Post Farmer Fred.


Now add the following,


Since Reagan and the advent of neo conservatism, there has been massive redistribution of income from the masses to the few on top. The Gap between rich and poor has widened dramatically. This has been caused by giving the rich massive tax cuts (ala Bush and Howard) and increasing taxes on the lower income earners. Add to this the accumulated wealth of the nation being flogged off (privatised). Add to this speculators forcing the price of oil to $145 and what do we get? The end of capitalism.

And why? Because they just do not understand what makes a capitalist system work.






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What the heck happened to this thread?? These are quality posts! Where's all the ramping about the lucrative childcare industry and that crap about bottomless government rebates to maternal parents?


Well well...accrues Do reverse after all. It's only karma I guess. So what should've one expected from a premium service provider? ABC charged around $70 a day which makes for quite expensive parking even after a $12 government rebate for those that are eligible. Of course, the exorbitant fees were justified since ABC is not Daddy Day Care but rather, a "Learning Centre" where kids learn how not to stick crayons up their nostrils (and end up like Homer Simpson on Ritalin).


Around a billion in debt and tens of millions in unpaid holiday leave (set to go unpaid indefinitely) will make existing shareholders (if there's any left...oh yeah, the mamma & pappa operations) cringe as they line up to lap up the residual crumbs after employees, creditors (secured/unsecured, registered/unregistered), receivers and preference investors swipe their share of the carrion before letting those ordinary folks have a go at the imprint of a carcass which remains. 5 cents in the dollar? Maybe if you've been praying hard enough to Jehovah, Allah and Buddha all these sleepless nights...just maybe.


EB's comments about Red China and the "we love Mao so screw the rest of you" mentality of the Cultural Revolution gave me a couple of random ideas. Back in the days of "China has friends all over the world (especially 3rd world Africa)" and even going into the late Eighties, most work units had operated their own internally sponsored day care centre. For the unacquainted, a "work unit" is essentially a massive conglomerated organ which form part of the command economy superstructure. This type of excessive consolidation ensures that the comptroller in Beijing doesn't end the work day with a massive haemorrhage in the head.


Now, since we're on the topic of neo-social ultra conservatism and all that jazz, why not introduce AWA style regulations which would entail companies at and beyond SME-size to operate their own network of child care facilities? It's actually not that hard to realize, although most things are easier said than done especially if you're not the one to face the music when $h!t meets fan. Anyhow, all you would need is a cleared area barricaded with those black and yellow OH&S tape to use as a temporary depository for employees' children. Get the caretaker to keep an eye out whilst vacuuming and have the receptionist throw in some biscuits and water into the enclosure when she makes herself a coffee during the break.


Cha-Ching!! Me thinks we have a new biz model. I better get myself a solid patent over this before that scumbag Eddy Groves gets a whiff of my brainchild. One thing to note though - what works well in China should probably be complemented with a skilled criminal lawyer just in case Amnesty International or the Dept. of Human Services come-a-knocking to rain on the parade.

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In reply to: jfgao on Saturday 08/11/08 11:45pm

I always thought retirement villages & daycare centres were like macdonalds.... a license to print money. I did my dough on retirement villages, & went oh so close to buying ABC learning when they were $5 or $6..... maybe brothels are the way to go???

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It did raise my eyebrows when I heard 40% of their centres are not profitable.


Given the demand for child care,govt subsidies for a large % of that care and the low wages earned by child care workers it does make you wonder how that could be.


An acquaintance has made a lot of moolah out of child care but I think he sold to ABC so that maybe the answer. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


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In reply to: balance on Sunday 09/11/08 06:54am

I think that very little of what goes on in australia is profitable at the moment apart from the quarry. With the amount of government regulations, the greed built in to the system in the upper end of town which has to filter down to the normal running of business,the lawyers who all seem to be hovering in the background all the time,etc any business that is actually productive has to carry a heavy burden or be subsidised by government to survive. I read in the weekend australian that principles of the receiver firms are charging out their time at $550+ an hour and even first year graduates are billed out at $350 an hour.

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QUOTE (henrietta @ Sunday 09/11/08 09:12am)
And therein lies the whole problem ...... GREED.
You could also say it again proves the "Law of Supply and Demand."

As (previous) governments/ administrations successfully "dumbed-down" increasingly larger numbers of the next generation, the few Graduates, who managed to get their heads around Logic and Numbers, are in increasing demand and can charge as much as the Market will bear.


It takes real foresight and long-term planning to commit to programmes that will pay dividends only after a decade or two - especially when there's an election to be won every 3 or 4 years. Much easier to give the Electorate "Bread and Games", reduce their attention span and shower them with rhetoric, how smart they are, how well off they are, how great their chances to be the next "Idol" or "Millionaire" - because that's everybody's RIGHT!


Telling people the truth, that it takes discipline, self-control, and as much time to exercise their brain as it does to exercise the body to become a sports star - that won't get anybody elected.

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QUOTE (farmer fred @ Sunday 09/11/08 08:10am)

Which, Farmer Fred takes us full circle---and back to the education "system" and basic law and order principles.


Those of us who are old enough to remember when school days meant: Learning a Language (not swear words), Discipline, the three R's, History/Geography Physics/Chemistry and compulsory sports/homework plus a respect for the older generation followed by two year's National Service--instead of:


Everything being "electives", endless mindless outside trips, no homework/no discipline/no Military Service, the dole etc etc, followed by a justice system that seems to think everybody is excused all misdemenours because of some percieved childhood problem, PLUS some odd rationale that EVERYBODY should go to University (to get some useless degree) AND TO DISREGARD the trade apprentice system that served the older generation and industry so well--


We get what we have to day--which is a SERVICE INDUSTRY main street, tax evasion via negative gearing that lands us up with---greedy landlords servicing debts they should have never been allowed to have, unaffordable housing, no tradesmen--bloated government--


Then those that are prepared to work, thousands of miles from home in highly inhospitable and dangerous places paying nearly 50% of what they earn to support the rest---


And then people wonder HOW DID ALL THIS COME ABOUT ??????

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