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if ppl read there annual report u will find out that many of their

competitors world wide are out the business and in bankrupcy

this would leave LOTS of opportunities for SRV to take up the market share

with its technology focused product serving its customers well so far.


there was a similiar situation when Pan Phamnacuticals went down

blackmores (BKL) has rocketed from about $4 to $9.80 today~!


i expect it to at least have some positive effect on SRV

= )

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Hello Arty, if you do happen to be looking at the SS, would you be kind enough to post a chart. I am tempting to sell, today the SP is the highest in one year time.

I only would be loosing around $250, but had recovered it in the past dividends. Of course, if I sell, I miss a divvy 1/3/ at 7.5c. Catch 22, itsn't it???

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Hi Daggie,

what's the reason you think about selling at this stage? It's at the highest it's been in years.

But it's been rising for weeks, and last September was also a series of new Highs.



Now, if I assume you hold for over 3 years and are down around $250, I'll have to ask In what way will your situation influence the future direction of SRV? The Market doesn't give a hoot about what you paid. The real question the Market is asking is "Are there more buyers ot more sellers?" Right now, it looks to me a case of the former. Until I see something in the chart that makes me think it's about to change, I would definitely sit tight and enjoy the ride.



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