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MUSIC - What CLASSICAL music are we listening to?

Commander C

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I have these very very old cassettes of a concert replicating an actual Mozart concert held

in 1783 and using period instruments. A very long concert it was comprising symphonies,

chamber music & concerti, among them one of my favourites.

Can't remember the number but it's the one that the theme music for the film "Elvira Madigan"

is taken from. The slow movement is just so simple & beautiful, typical Mozart where every note

is like an essential part of a mathematical formula. Simple melody but with this underlying 12/8 rhythm.

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I can't imagine Tchaikovsky had this choreography in mind when he wrote "Swan Lake."


With a population of nearly 1.5Billion, the Chinese had to locate one great dancer .... and they did. Her partner is not too bad either. Watch this superb performance: www.nzwide.com/swanlake.htm

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Hi Arty .......... breathtaking !!!


I notice that it is not a ballet company, but "The Great Chinese State Circus" ...... I assume that's different.


Just how much work and practice does that take ? Such dedication and discipline ......... a formidable race.




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Bach's great Brandenburg Concertos (#1 to #6)


Search on YouTube for the ones conducted by Claudio Abbado and performed by Orchestra Mozart (an Italian orchestra it appears).

-- OnlyClassicalMusic and wolfganghp and galdo80 have uploaded these performances



No. 1 Three oboes & two horns, 3rd movement makes me feel happy


No. 2 Amazing trumpet playing

1st movement makes me think have wandered into a friendly tavern, getting a drink and chatting with long lost friends


No. 3


No. 4 Two recorders


No. 5 Awesome harpsichord & flute


No. 6 Check out the two viola de gamba and the two violas

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