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MUSIC - What CLASSICAL music are we listening to?

Commander C

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And for the newborn Royal Twins, a delightful piano lullaby (turn the volume down between about 5:00 and 6:30)


Chaconne by Carl Nielsen:


"Mary had a little girl,

She also had a son,

She played for them a lullaby:

Carl Nielsen's Dansk Chaconne."

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My favourite Saint-Saens:



--- first time I heard this amazing piece was on a United Airlines flight in '09




Piano Concerto No 5 - "Egyptian"


--- the 1st movement grows on you after a while


--- the 2nd movement beautifully Oriental


--- the 3rd movement reminds me of the steamboat on Death on a Nile chugging up the nile with Hercules Poirot / Peter Ustinov and Angela Lansbury fluttering away

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