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MUSIC - What CLASSICAL music are we listening to?

Commander C

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Thought I would keep a new year's resolution and start a new topic!:)


This is The Seasons by lesser-known 19th & 20th century Russian composer, Alexander Glazunov

Heard it live some time ago, amazing to watch all the different instruments & percussion being played.


Intro & Winter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37fyRO3s66w...feature=related

Spring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aQ8TMuYCBU...feature=related

Summer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBJPhblRS5g...feature=related

Coda & Autumn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf3wvHLpIBM...feature=related


and the stunning Autumn Adagio & Finale http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJs2iJj3Z6E...feature=related





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Thank you, CC


Very Classical and sophisticated. Definitely in keeping with ShareScene's style. Well done.


I like Glazunov's music quite a lot - when I'm in a mellow mood or intend to calm down.

I'm just now listening to his Lyric Poem:


and have you heard Heifetz' rendition of the - fiendishly tricky to play - violin concerto in a?

It's part of this playlist:



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I never "got" the pomp/ pompousness of events like Proms or any Andre Rieu concert.

(Can't stand Wagner either - IMO he's a self-indulgent pompous old f@rt.)


Of all the choral works in the area "religion-meets-pop", this Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus is my "Must See":


Of other sacral works, here's a few of my all-time favourites.

First, two deeply-felt renditions of Bruckner's "Locus Iste"


of "Dies Irae" by Verdi:

and Mozart's vision:


or take the "Lacrimosa":

and the same by Verdi:

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I have a vague (very) memory Bruckner's 4th Symphony was played on cherman radio as they surrendered.


Thanks for sharing your favourites - a sophisticated taste there Herr Arty.


Bach Cello concertos would be my contribution!




ps Isnt that the best use of mobile phones!

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never "got" the pomp/ pompousness of events like Proms or any Andre Rieu concert



Come come arty---you surely dont put the two in the same bracket!


You might well have visited Subiaco Oval, ever seen any PROMS concert in The Albert Hall, South Kensington, SW7?


Doubt the two programmes on offer on any particular night bear any resemblance whatsoever!

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Bruckner #4 is indeed high up there. Very "Romantic" indeed.


But I've checked your suggestion of (J. Christian) Bach's Cello Concerto, and found this delightful gem, played by a little 9yo.

Download and put it on repeat:


In the "related" suggestions, I also found his rendition of the Bumblebee. The way he plays on the cello a piece that's driven many an older violin player to despair, brings tears to your eyes.

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PS to Roadster's mention of Bruckner 4:


I found a terrific recording on youtube, played by the NDR SO under Gunter Wand in the Dom zu Luebeck (Lubeck Cathedral). Somehow, Wand and the Hamburg-based NDR SO seem to have a special empathy with Hamburg-born Bruckner.


Unfortunately, the performance has been cut into seven segments of 10 minutes each, starting here:


but IMO well worth watching - as I've just done and could start over again.

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... and if you can stand one more Wand-erful symphony: Here's the one they called "Beethoven's Tenth":

Brahms' Number One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw49ChkuxLw


And apologies for my earlier mis-quote. Of course not Bruckner, but Brahms, was born in Hamburg. I wouldn't have thought that I had still so much parochialism - born near, studied in Hamburg - to think of Brahms whenever a composer "Br..." was mentioned. :blush:


One more Brahms? How about Henryk Szeryng playing the violin concerto:

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