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African Gold Stocks


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My watch list of West African gold stocks:



GMR grass roots explorer in Burkina Faso


MET grass roots explorer in Burkina Faso


RSG operates in Syama---producer with cash costs of USD1000


CDT operates in Ghana---grass roots explorer


GRY advanced explorer, operates in Burkina Faso, production due 2014 projected cash costs USD550


AMX advanced explorer, production due 2014, projected cash costs of USD600


ADU, producer, cash costs of USD550, with 290,000 oz of hedging at USD1075


PRU produces in Ghana with cash costs of USD520, explores (currently suspended due to troubles) in Ivory Coast


AZM advanced explorer, production due 2012, projected cash costs of USD550


NMG producer with cash costs of USD550


Don't know exactly where the above companies operate in West Africa unless stated, what is common is the low production costs (except RSG) and all having sales and costs in one currency--USD's.


Caveat: Cannot GUARANTEE the above totally correct, your own research is vital.

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Here is another take on the situation in Burkina Faso, by Robin Bromby in the Oz newspaper, with a better list of local resource companies digging around there.




As Mr Bromby says, Burkina Faso is nowhere near the mess that Ivory Coast is but in some respects it has a fairly similar profile to that of Ivory Coast.

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There's been more developments in Burkina Faso, suggesting that the country may be destabilising. It can't be good news for the president when his own personal guards mutiny.






To put it into some sort of perspective, whilst any investment in a west african country has to take into account country risk even Ivory Coast is not as bad as some of the south american countries. For instance, there is talk of Bolivia "renationalising" some major mines there and Peru has recently canned a major copper mine on the basis of community unrest.






Meanwhile Ivory Coast tries to get some normalcy back into proceedings.



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Here is a helpful image that highlights one reason why "Africa" probably needs to be in the thinking of all major resource companies: it is so bloody big.


If the dimensions are about right - and they seem to be, though clearly the bit labelled USA actually is only the lower 48 states of the USA - it sort of puts things into persepctive.




Newcrest (NCM) was supposed to have conducted a major strategic review in April, and surely two of the issues that would have been front and centre is whether they need to have a continued and even larger presence in Africa and whether they are too exposed to PNG. I would think the answers are "yes" to the first question and "probably yes" to the second. Either way they have to do something about their lazy balance sheet. The new boss comes in on 1 July, and I guess it is a matter of whether any acquisition they make is better done by the current boss or left for the new guy.

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Ghana gives notice that it will increase the corporate tax rate on miners from 25% to 35% and introduce a 10% windfall profits tax.




This decision will affect the price modelling on locally listed stocks such as Perseus (PRU) and Noble (NMG) that should be making profits from mining operations there. Will likely also affect the sentiment of some investors (who seem to think that they are the only ones entitled to profit from mining operations) who will scream about the end of the civilised world. But if not Ghana then where? I still think that Ghana is likely to remain a more temperate place to be a miner than just about any other african country so will continue to hang around.


(h/t Glutten on hc)

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Hi triage, because there is now only $4 difference between the gold price in USD's and AUD's the accent on which stock to trade has swung back to the ASX australian domiciled gold producers, where there are no Sovereign Risk problems.


RRL, NST, AZH for example as producers, PVM, SXG, DRM as explorers for example.

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You have forgooten to include Miles Kennedy's latest company, MOD Resources. I note that on this occasion, Miles has a number of heavy hitters backing him viz (according to "Resources Rising Stars" magazine circulated by Read Corporate)...Packer, Twiggy, Tim Roberts and John Poynton.
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Thanks for that, literally hundreds of explorers, some will be good--- some flogging moose grass country, personally only interested in those I have reasearched thoroughly, St Georges Terrace heavy hitters certainly well represented which doesnt always represent much bar money and clout--will have a look though as those blokes usually dont waste their time and money.
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Testing times in west Africa...


Ghana looks to be trying to fight off a severe financial bug by calling in the IMF.




As some of its neighbours do battle with their own version of the Hendra virus.




Meanwhile Barack Obama has invited all but 5 African nations to Washington for a chinwag in the next couple of days. The leaders of the three countries directly affected by the current ebola outbreak will not be there but it seems that most others are up for it. Obviously Mr Obama has a natural advantage in impressing his guests, and the Chinese often offend by their ingrained attitude towards third world countries, but the Americans have a long way to make up to match it with China in Africa in terms of economic influence (I'm not sure whether this meeting is more about economics or security though (?)).



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